History & Traditions of Iceland

Rainbow Street and Hallgrimskirkja Church

Discover Skólavörðustígur: The Must-Visit Street of Reykjavík!

Ah, Skólavörðustígur! Stretching from the historic Skólavörðuholt to where Laugavegur meets Bankastræti, this street is nothing short of iconic. Tracing its history is like thumbing through the pages...
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Beer in Iceland: A Historical Overview

The history of beer in Iceland is a story of evolution and persistence. It stretches back to the times of the Norse settlers, navigating through an extensive period...
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The Pond in Reykjavik; a history

Tjörnin, or The Pond in English, is a shallow lake in the heart of Reykjavik. Its water comes from Vatnsmýrin to the south, and from the Pond, it...
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Ice Cream in Iceland: A Love Story

Ice cream, a beloved frozen treat enjoyed by people worldwide, has a fascinating history that stretches back thousands of years. The earliest traces of ice cream can be...
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Óli is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a walking tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting to know them a...
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The Icelandic National Costume

The Icelandic National Costume is rooted in centuries of history. From paintings and manuscripts to fragments of surviving clothing, we can catch glimpses of the attire worn in...
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Easter in Iceland

So, how is Easter in Iceland? Despite having a state church, Icelanders are not particularly religious people. Those who believe in God describe it as a childlike faith...
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A Curtiss-Wright P-40C Warhawk Iceland 1942 San Diego Air & Space Museum

Air crashes in Iceland during WWII

Unlike naval battles around Iceland during WWII, few, if any, Icelanders died in air crashes in Iceland during the same period. From 1940 to 1945, more than 300...
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The Wonderful Quern – Folktale

This folktale shows that making a deal with the devil in a folktale sometimes turns out well for you. But you better put your affairs in order before...
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Pirate Attack in Iceland – The Turkish Abductions

In the summer of 1627, pirates from northwest Africa kidnapped people in Grindavik, The Westman Islands, and the East Fjords and sold them into slavery in Barbary. Barbary...
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