Iceland Travel Guides

Tips & Tricks for Cruise Ship Travelers in Iceland

As you step off your ship and onto Icelandic soil, get ready to immerse yourself in a captivating adventure. In this blog on tips & tricks for Cruise...
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Nailed it Fish And Chips. Photo: Nailed it Fish and Chips

The Best Restaurants Outside Reykjavik

We have given you a few pointers regarding the best restaurants in Reykjavik. Best restaurants in Reykjavik, steak restaurants, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, seafood restaurants, and breakfast places....
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Winter Sports in Iceland

Iceland has a unique and varied landscape, offering visitors a range of winter sports and activities. Some popular winter sports in Iceland include skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating,...
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Food Halls in Reykjavik

So, Food Halls in Reykjavik. We’ve told you that Icelanders are a bit of a fad nation. If something becomes cool, everyone must have it. And one of...
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Humarsúpa, sægreifinn

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Reykjavik

There are a few seafood restaurants in Reykjavik, but oddly there are not that many which focus solely on seafood. But that’s good for those in a group...
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The Best Steak Restaurants in Reykjavik

It will never be said enough but eating food is the second most important thing you will ever do on any travel (after breathing). Since it is so...
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Reykjavik Rainbow Street

Different Icelandic Souvenirs

So, Icelandic souvenirs. It is inevitable to want to bring something from a country you’re visiting. For many, the memories and photos are enough, but others want something...
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New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Bonfires

Icelanders are famous for their love of fireworks, and foreigners have described New Year’s Eve as sounding like a war zone. New Year’s Eve is Gamlárskvöld in Icelandic,...
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The Beautiful Hvalfjörður

Just under an hour’s drive from Reykjavik to the west, you will find the country’s largest fjord: Hvalfjörður. The name means Whale Fjord, and while there are no...
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Horse Riding with Riding Iceland Tours – Live Stream

Going horse riding is at the top of many people’s bucket lists, and that’s not without reason. The Icelandic horse is, as you know, world-famous. Both because it...
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