Steinunn is Your Friend in Reykjavik. As an essential team member, she expertly handles Sales & Service, ensuring that guides and customers are always in the right place at the right time. She also manages guest numbers with restaurants, guaranteeing a seamless experience for all.

Steinunn is a true multi-talented professional. She holds a commercial driving license, small machinery certification, and has experience in fish processing and nursing home care. Her passion lies in helping others, especially kids, teens, the underprivileged, and the elderly. She enjoys refurbishing old items, home improvement projects, and is an avid sea swimmer. With a deep love for animals, she’s always involved in lambing in May and jokes that she could live in a zoo.

Residing in Barðaströnd in the Westfjords, Steinunn loves traveling to visit her family in Vestmannaeyjar, Akureyri, Hveragerði, and Dalabyggð.

Let’s Ask Your Friend in Reykjavik a Few Questions!

If you could choose just one thing from Iceland, what would you choose?

The country itself.

Would you change anything about Iceland if you could?

How the country is run.

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

Photo: Stefan Becker.

Vestmannaeyjar and the West Fjords.

Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands in English) was settled soon after Ingólfur Arnarson came to Iceland and is a must-visit spot! Whether you have a day or more, these islands are packed with exciting things to do. We made a handy blog for you to check out so you don’t miss anything. Also, did you know there’s an old fort there since the Turkish Abductions?

What is your favourite Icelandic food?

Photo: Per Eide – CC BY-NC

Real old-fashioned salted fish, rack of lamb and hangikjöt.

Salted fish was Iceland’s main export for centuries and a cornerstone of the Icelandic economy. Preserving food through air drying is one of the oldest methods known to mankind. In Iceland, this practice has been around since the time of settlement. The export of dried fish, or skreið, began in the 13th century. By the 18th century, saltfish production had spread across Iceland, reaching its peak during the 19th and 20th centuries. This industry was the foundation upon which many Icelandic fishing villages were built. Read more about the history of salted fish in Iceland here. For recipes for salted fish, check out our recipe blog here.

How about an Icelandic drink?

The water, of course, kókómjólk (chocolate milk) and malt in a bottle!

What is the best thing about Reykjavik?

Aerial view of Reykjavik City with Hallgrimmskirkja in the center.

There is a variety of everything there: different people, shops, museums, restaurants, cafés, buildings, and so on.

What is the best thing about Iceland?

Whale Watching tour in Iceland in a big boat in the midnight sun

The location, the air, the nature, the darkness in winter, and the brightness in summer.

Favourite Icelandic music/band/song?

SSSól, Á móti sól, Stebbi Hilmars, Buttercup, Of Monsters and Men, and many more.

What is your favourite clothing brand?

66° North & Befit.

Favourite restaurant?

Tanginn in Vestmannaeyjar.

What Icelandic food is most often served at your home?

Photo: (vincent desjardins) – Flickr

Fish, fried, oven-baked, boiled, and grilled. I love fish.

If there’s one thing Iceland has in abundance, it’s fish. Icelanders love fish, and it’s no wonder, living on an island where fishing is one of the biggest industries.

To learn more about our history with fish, visit the Reykjavik Maritime Museum in Grandi. The Reykjavik City Card provides a free entrance. We also recommend you check out our blog post on Fish in Iceland. For example, what fish do Icelanders eat and avoid? Despite the abundance of fish in Icelandic waters, there are some we just didn’t eat. Why? Because they were either considered ugly or simply uninteresting.

Favourite candy?

Chocolate and liquorice, especially together like in Eitt sett & Þristur.

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