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Your Friend in Reykjavik has the passion, professionalism, and knowledge to ensure that your corporate event, tour, or team-building activities in Iceland are as successful as possible. We have the local experience and connections to plan any corporate experience in Iceland you can imagine — and perhaps a few more that could surprise you…

If you are considering planning a corporate event, tour, activity, or something else altogether, we think you deserve the best possible experience, and Your Friend in Reykjavik is best placed to ensure you achieve this!

Our in-house team is friendly, helpful, and professional, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for from your corporate tour or experience in Iceland.

And if you’d like a little Icelandic inspiration before we chat, check out our more general tourist-focused Day Tours in Iceland. We can include any of these tours as part of your corporate experience, customizing them in several ways to meet your needs.

Building Your Corporate Experience in Iceland

While corporate events and team-building activities serve people in the business world, the business world is ultimately made up of people, and a successful event or activity will please as many people as possible.

This is why we offer so many different kinds of experiences in Iceland.

Here are just a few of the services we can provide

Team building

Scavenger hunts

Food experiences

Tours & activities all across Iceland

Pub quizzes

Can be based on a City Walk by Your Friend In Reykjavik


Arranging for things like, Dj’s, hosts and planning for a great night out in Reykjavik


To hotels, airports, and any other transportation your group requires


Dealing with and planning arrangements with photographers, chefs, restaurants, bars, drivers, guides and so much more

This is just a glancing list of the more general types of experience we can offer. Please contact us if you have a unique request that you cannot find in the list above.

Ultimately, when we do our job right it results in your job being as easy as possible. We know how logistically difficult it can be to organize a big event, and we aim to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Corporate Event in Iceland?

Iceland’s bounty of natural beauty cannot be overstated, and this is largely responsible for our booming tourism industry. But tourism in Iceland also booms because we are known around the world for our open, friendly people.

With so many tour operators and MICE services offered in Iceland, how do you know which one is right for your next corporate event?

This is where Your Friend in Reykjavik comes in, as we believe that our combination of high-level service and connections across the Icelandic tourism industry allows us to offer more variety and a higher level of service than our competition.

But, of course we’d say that. Instead, please read some testimonials from happy clients below.

What Our Customers Say

Ellie Friese

Great experience with this company. I am a travel advisor and have used them for both client travels and my personal ones! We recently did the private tour with a Viking and the pub crawl tour and our guide, Stefan, was fabulous. 100% recommend and will take more tours!

We have ran into Stefan several times being in the city and feel as if we have truly made a friend. Thank you SO much for your hospitality.

John McMahon

We had a fantastic time on our food tour in Reykjavik! We enjoyed a very well rounded assortment of food and drink: from classic Icelandic soup to deliciously prepared small plates of lamb. Our tour guide, Esther E., stole the show! She provided an enormous wealth of historical information as well as sharing many interesting insights from her personal experiences while growing up and then working in Iceland. This was one of the very best experiences of our entire trip to Iceland!

Julie Reis

Our guide Esther was the best! She not only introduced us to Iceland’s food, but also gave us an appreciation for its history and culture. Our walking food tour was a great introduction to Reykjavik. Esther’s anecdotes and stories gave us a special “insider’s” experience – a great accompaniment to the variety of tastes and textures of the different dishes we sampled.

It was an all around feel good experience – we highly recommend this tour!

What Makes Iceland the Ideal MICE Destination?

Iceland is the ideal location for local businesses to organize corporate events, but it also offers a unique space for businesses to meet, connect, form partnerships, and achieve a range of other objectives within the MICE space.

Iceland is a beautiful, unique country that sits exactly on the boundary between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. We believe its position as a stepping stone between America and Europe allows for business meetings and events that no other location in the world can match.

To put it simply: Iceland is the perfect place for both Europeans and North Americans to plan corporate events and activities.

Of course, our country’s people and our tremendous natural beauty also make Iceland ideal for businesses and tourists from all over the world looking to have a great time.

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