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Reykjavik’s most recognizable buildings – Guðjón Samúelsson

One of Iceland’s most famous architects is Guðjón Samúelsson. Just like sculptor Einar Jónsson seems to have created every other statue in downtown Reykjavik, Guðjón Samúelsson designed many of Reykjavik’s most recognizable buildings. He was State Architect for most of his professional life, just as Iceland gained independence. He was born in 1887 in South Iceland and moved...
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Oven baked cod

Fish has always played a big part in Icelanders’ diet, and oven-baked cod has been a popular dish on Icelandic dinner tables for decades. This recipe is one variation of how to back cod in the oven. In the olden days, every bit of the fish was used, from the skin to the bones. However, due to general...
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The Volcanic Eruption in Reykjanes Peninsula

Last year an eruption began in Fagradalsfjall in Reykjanes Peninsula. It was the first eruption in over 700 years in the area. Berserkur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons It quickly became one of the most popular eruptions in Icelandic history. It was an effusive eruption and relatively safe to walk up to. Some gas was emitted, of...
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Fish in Iceland

If there’s something there’s plenty of; it’s fish in Iceland. It’s no secret that Icelanders love fish. After all, we live on an island, and fishing is one of Iceland’s biggest industries. If you want to learn more about our history with fish, we recommend you check out the Reykjavik Maritime Museum in Grandi. If you get the...
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Environmentalism in Iceland – What is Happening?

What is happening in environmentalism in Iceland? Icelanders are lucky that all manufactured electricity in Iceland (or 99.99%) is green and renewable. Most of the electricity manufactured is either hydro or geothermal, but there are a few wind turbines as well. Their number will most likely grow in the coming years. Solar cells are not used to generate...
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Icelandic Fermented shark in plastic cans

Iceland’s Strangest Food

Iceland’s strangest food possibly isn’t any stranger than other countries’ food. But it’s still strange! Some are generally only eaten during mid-winter and especially during the mid-winter festival þorrablót, but others are eaten all year round. Some are eaten by many, while others are maybe more an enquired taste. Being strange doesn’t mean it tastes bad; it’s just...
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Chocolate-covered licorice – International Crisis Averted!

Could chocolate-covered licorice be the premise for an International Crisis? Sillier things have been known to happen. Icelanders generally protect their cultural heritage, and we can be pretty pedantic. The Icelandic horse is a horse, not a pony. Our hot dogs are the best. Some swear by fermented sharks, and so on. We get kicked into overdrive when...
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Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik

Which are the Best Towns in Iceland?

No two trips to Iceland are the same. With so many natural wonders to see and awe-inspiring landscapes to explore, but with time constraints to consider, there’s always an element of picking and choosing. That’s why so many people return for a second visit! Whether you’re staying in Reykjavik and exploring the nearby region or rounding the ring...
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Whale Meat in Iceland

There is a long history of whaling and eating whale meat in Iceland. Whale hunting began in Iceland as early as the 12th century, and stranded whales have always been a significant windfall. Iceland is a part of the International Whale Commission and has been since the beginning, apart from a few years. Icelanders quit the commission in...
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Pick-Up Locations for Private Walking Tours

When you choose a private tour with Your Friend in Reykjavik, you get a more intimate tour with the possibility of a walking pick-up. If you want a more customizable tour, we recommend you check out our bespoke walking tours. Bespoke and custom tours are customizable to your preferences (as much as possible). When choosing a walking pick-up,...
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Horse Meat in Iceland

Finding horse meat in Iceland to eat can be difficult outside the regular slaughtering seasons (in the fall and winter). The most common things to find are horse meat sausages and foal meat. The Icelandic horse is, in many ways, an exceptional horse breed. It was brought over from Norway during the settlement era in the 9th and...
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Join us on a Christmas Walking Tour

Christmas is the most magical time in the world. We here at Your Friend in Reykjavik at least think so. Your Friend in Reykjavik offers a Christmas Walking Tour before every Christmas, but if you cannot join us for whatever reason, you can watch the live videos here in this post. We hope to make this a yearly...
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