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Infinity View at the Sky Lagoon

Sky Lagoon – The Newest Spa in the Capital Area

The Sky Lagoon is the capital area’s newest spa addition, opening in 2021. They’ve already won awards for their facility, but sustainability was a driving force in the design. It needed to be eco-friendly, and the team took a holistic approach to the build and launch. They analysed every element of the process from construction to spa operation...
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Skerpla or Eggtíð – Second month of summer

The second summer month in the Old Icelandic calendar begins on a Saturday between the 19th and 25th of May. Two names are known for this month: skerpla and eggtíð. The month’s name is not as old as þorri, for example. The oldest source for þorri is from the 12th century, but skerpla is only known from the...
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Thingvellir Öxarárfoss Golden Circle Small

What is Iceland’s Golden Circle?

Iceland is a magical and all-encompassing land; it’s been the inspiration for TV shows like Game of Thrones and is on most people’s bucket lists! Of course, this is no surprise to us here at Your Friend in Reykjavik, as we’ve made it our business to showcase everything our wonderful country has to offer. Have you always wanted...
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Skonsa – The Icelandic Version of American Pancakes?

Skonsa or skonsur (plural) is a favourite among Icelanders. Many buy them in the store, but they're very easy to make.
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What to pack for Iceland?

It can’t be reiterated enough; the weather in Iceland is ever-changing. You can never know that the weather will be one way or the other at a specific time of year. It is not unheard of that it snows in June or July; we can have completely snowless winters, freezing temperatures in May or 20 °C in December....
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Puffins in Iceland

or Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Puffin The puffins in Iceland are the Atlantic puffin. It is called lundi in Icelandic and is a migratory bird that lives most of its life way out at sea. It comes to Iceland in April/May to nest and moves back out to sea in August/September. Photo: Charles J....
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How to Behave in Iceland

How to Behave in Iceland - it's pretty simple, just be respectful of nature. Each country has their own customs and etiquette, which are good to know when travelling abroad. You wouldn't want to accidentally mortally offend any of the locals.
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Open Toilets in the Centre of Reykjavik

Since the settlement in the 8th century, Icelanders haven’t really gotten that many foreign visitors. In fact, it wasn’t until 2010, with the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, that many people realised Iceland was a country you could visit at all. Due to that, there might be a few things different in Iceland that people are used to in other...
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Visit Iceland in March

Visiting Iceland in March, you will catch the tail end of winter. The days are getting longer, but there is still a chance to see the Northern Lights. However, the average snowfall in March is the highest of all months of the year, so you might witness some real snow! Design March is worth checking out if you...
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Love Balls (ástarpungar) – The Icelandic doughnuts’ cousin

A few months back, we gave you a recipe for the quintessential Icelandic fried pastry; kleinur. Now we’re going to provide you with a recipe for its cousin. It has raisins, so it’s not everyone’s favourite, but if you like raisins in food, this is for you! Ástarpungar or Love Balls are not nearly as old as kleinur;...
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Best Breakfast Places in Reykjavik

Author Ian Fleming once said: Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it. And we agree. A hearty breakfast makes a great start to a good day. But where are the best breakfast places in Reykjavik? You’re in luck; you do not have to look any further because we have made a list! The list is in...
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What Are the Best Things to See in Reykjavik? 

Iceland is known as the Land of Ice and Fire, boasting fascinating folklore and incredible natural scenery. Its capital city of Reykjavik is no exception; its name translates to Bay of Smokes and harkens back to a time of Vikings, myths, and lore. But we don’t just dwell in the past here in Iceland!  Modern-day Reykjavik is full...
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