Traveling in Iceland

Easter in Iceland

So, how is Easter in Iceland? Despite having a state church, Icelanders are not particularly religious people. Those who believe in God describe it as a childlike faith...
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The Best Music Festivals in Iceland

Icelanders do not like being seen as lacking, but we understand that we cannot hold many large international music festivals. But that doesn’t stop us from holding quite...
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Pirate Attack in Iceland – The Turkish Abductions

In the summer of 1627, pirates from northwest Africa kidnapped people in Grindavik, The Westman Islands, and the East Fjords and sold them into slavery in Barbary. Barbary...
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Midnight sun in Iceland

Summer vs. Winter: When’s the Best Time to Visit Iceland?

Are you planning your dream vacation in Iceland? With so many activities and experiences waiting for you in the Land of Fire and Ice, it can be difficult...
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Arctic Coast Way in North Iceland

The Arctic Coast Way opened on World Ocean Day, June 8, 2019. The road is 900 kilometers of coastal roads close to the Arctic Circle and mainly outside...
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The Icelandic Language – What Makes it Special?

The Icelandic language is a fascinating and unique language spoken by around 330,000 people, primarily in Iceland. With roots in Old Norse, Icelandic has managed to maintain its...
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Who is Your Friend in Reykjavik?

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting to know them a...
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Winter Sports in Iceland

Iceland has a unique and varied landscape, offering visitors a range of winter sports and activities. Some popular winter sports in Iceland include skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating,...
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ICE-SAR – The Icelandic Search and Rescue

ICE-SAR (Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue) is a voluntary organization in Iceland that provides search and rescue services throughout the country. It was founded in 1937 and...
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The Watchman in Reykjavik

Vaktari, or watchman, was a job initially created between 1770 and 1780 in Reykjavík. It was at the initiative of representatives of the New Enterprises company (Innréttingarnar). It...
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