Traveling in Iceland

How to travel sustainably in Iceland

It is no secret that it is difficult to travel to Iceland sustainably. In fact, some might say it was impossible. To get here, you will always have...
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Goðafoss Waterfall in the North-waterfall of the Gods

What are the Most Scenic Waterfalls in Iceland?

Iceland is synonymous with many natural wonders. These include the northern lights, glaciers, ice caves, geysers, hot springs, and volcanoes. But it’s the sheer number of photogenic waterfalls...
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Whale watching visit to Iceland

What are the Most Exciting Things to Do in Iceland?

Are you coming to Iceland for an action-packed adventure? Whether you’re staying in Reykjavik and the southwest of the country or heading out on the ring road for...
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How to Enjoy Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland Safely

There are volcanic eruptions in Iceland fairly regularly. In the afternoon of the 3rd of August 2022, it started erupting again in Reykjanes Peninsula. It came after thousands...
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Best Road trip food in Icelandic Grocery Stores

So, what is the best road trip food in Icelandic Grocery stores? The island of Iceland often surprises people with how large it actually is. Despite the small...
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How safe are tourists in Iceland?

How safe are tourists in Iceland? Well, Icelanders are around 360000 people, and despite the population being that of a small town in many countries, we do have...
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Film Locations in East Iceland and the Highlands

Film locations in East Iceland and the highlands are not as many as in other parts of Iceland. Or the areas have not been utilised as much as...
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Surprising Facts About Iceland

There will always be some surprising facts about Iceland you will not find out about until later. No matter how much research you will do into your trip,...
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Film Locations in West and Southwest Iceland

What are the film Locations in West and Southwest Iceland? One of those places is the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which is sometimes said to have everything Iceland offers in...
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Filming Locations in North Iceland

Check out our post on film locations in South Iceland when you have finished checking out this post on filming locations in North Iceland. Icelanders love seeing Iceland...
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