If you’re planning a trip to West Iceland, you’re in for a treat! This region offers a serene escape into Iceland’s natural wonders and rich history. In this blog post, we will highlight the best tours of West Iceland. From the breathtaking fjords to the charming villages, each tour is carefully selected to offer an authentic slice of Icelandic life and landscapes. We’re spotlighting experiences that show you the rugged beauty and heritage of the area. Join us as we uncover the best ways to truly experience what this unique region offers.

Private Snæfellsnes Peninsula Exploring

Embark on one of the best tours of West Iceland with the exclusive Private Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour, designed for personalized exploration with a limit of just 6 guests. This journey showcases the essence of “Iceland in Miniature,” highlighting the diverse natural wonders of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Highlights include majestic mountains, dramatic black sand beaches, expansive lava fields, quaint villages, and the mystical Snæfellsjökull glacier.

The itinerary unveils hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Selvallafoss (The Sheep’s Waterfall) is a secluded spot often frequented by sheep seeking shelter. Stykkishólmur, a picturesque village, boasts a rich trading history and beautifully renovated houses.

Kirkjufell, Iceland’s most photographed mountain, offers unique landscapes and has gained fame from Game of Thrones. Saxhóll Crater, rising 45 meters high, provides panoramic views of the peninsula and the Snæfellsjökull glacier. Djúpalónssandur Beach is noted for its stunning black sands and historical lifting stones, reflecting its maritime heritage.

Arnarstapi, an important trading post in the past, is celebrated for its dramatic basalt formations and abundant birdlife, providing tranquil coastal walks. The tour concludes at Ytri-Tunga Beach, a prime location for observing wild seals in their natural habitat. Offering an immersive experience of Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage, this tour is an unforgettable adventure in the serene beauty of West Iceland.

Hvalfjörður and Hvammsvík Hot Springs

Discover the wonders of West Iceland on the Private Driving Tour to Hvalfjordur & Hvammsvik Hot Springs. Led by an expert local guide from Your Friend In Reykjavik, this tour offers a unique exploration off the beaten path.

The adventure begins with a scenic drive towards the majestic Mount Esja. It offers stunning vistas before reaching the Þórufoss waterfall, renowned for its appearance in the Game of Thrones series. The journey continues into the breathtaking Hvalfjordur, or Whalefjord, where visitors are immersed in the area’s rich history and folklore.

A notable stop includes an Elfstone called Steðji, home to the mythical Elfman Staupasteinn, introducing travellers to enchanting elf stories. The tour’s centrepiece is the visit to Hvammsvik Geothermal Baths. Guests can enjoy eight natural hot springs with temperatures ranging from the ocean’s cool embrace to a cosy 42°C. Steam baths, hot outdoor showers, and the option for an ocean dip complement the experience.

Hailed by Timeout magazine as the world’s number one thing to do, the stay at Hvammsvik Geothermal Baths is followed by a delightful meal at the local restaurant. The menu features seafood soup made with fjord-caught fish and local ingredients. Alongside it, fluffy Sourdough bread and butter with sea salt. A vegan option is available.

The tour wraps up with a drive back, leaving guests with a lasting impression of West Iceland’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

Whale Watching in Ólafsvík

Orca spotted in Olafsvik in West Iceland

Whale Watching in Ólafsvík offers an unparalleled opportunity to encounter the ocean’s giants along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula coastline. It is one of the best places in Iceland for sightings of Orcas, Sperm, Humpback, Minke, Pilot whales, dolphins, and porpoises. Remarkably, one member of Your Friend in Reykjavik even spotted a Blue Whale during a tour, highlighting the extraordinary potential of these excursions. The Snæfellsnes National Park provides a stunning backdrop, where the majestic glacier enhances the magical experience of whale sightings. The journey includes sailing around the coastal areas of Svörtuloft, Öndverðarnes, Keflavík, and Skarðsvík within the National Park, searching for the gentle giants. The chance of seeing a Blue Whale, coupled with the beauty of the surroundings, makes whale watching from Ólafsvík undoubtedly one of the best tours in West Iceland.

Taste of Nature in West Iceland

If you’re seeking a perfect blend of beauty and culinary delight, the Taste of Nature Tour in West Iceland might just be for you. This experience combines the region’s most breathtaking landscapes with visits to local farms. Relish in tastings of local delicacies and a farm-to-table lunch near the majestic Deildartunguhver hot spring, offering a unique perspective on the area’s natural and gastronomic bounty.

The tour allows you to meet and learn from local farmers and provides insights into their traditional and innovative practices. This experience is designed for small groups and offers a personalized journey through the natural wonders and culinary offerings of West Iceland. Expert guides who are passionate about their homeland will lead the way. Upon request, the experience can be adjusted to accommodate all dietary needs. If you are looking to explore Iceland’s natural beauty and culinary heritage, this is a must-do experience.

Saga and Nature Private Tour

When exploring the best tours in West Iceland, the Saga & Nature private tour is worth a look. This tour is perfect for exploring the island’s beautiful scenery and learning about its fascinating cultural history. You’ll be picked up from your place in Reykjavik and taken on a full day of exploration and discovery.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore Iceland’s rich folklore and history. It takes you on a deep dive into the ancient world of elves, trolls, and Vikings, whose stories are intricately linked to the land. You’ll visit places like the Settlement Center at Borgarnes and the Agriculture Museum at Hvanneyri. Both provide insights into the lives of Iceland’s early settlers and their agricultural practices. Along the way, you’ll also witness the natural beauty of Hraunfossar waterfall and the Deildartunguhver hot spring, which showcase the raw, unfiltered power of Iceland’s geothermal activity. Overall, this tour is a must-do for anyone interested in Icelandic history and culture.

Wonders of Snæfellsnes National Park

Exploring West Iceland reveals a treasure trove of natural wonders. While private tours offer personalized experiences, they might not be accessible to everyone. For those without a car or looking for a more budget-friendly option, joining a tour with a larger company can be a good alternative. The Wonders of Snæfellsnes National Park tour is a standout. It provides a comprehensive glimpse into the region’s unique blend of natural beauty and folklore.

The tour features visits to Arnarstapi, a fishing village that reveals Iceland’s volcanic and coastal culture. It includes stops at the impressive Kirkjufell mountain and Djúpalónssandur Bay’s black sands, appealing to nature enthusiasts and photographers. Snæfellsjökull glacier, a major highlight, has inspired countless stories, including Jules Verne’s famous novel. Along the route, travellers stop at Borgarnes for snacks and Ytri Tunga for seal sightings. You will stop at Ólafsvík for breaks, encountering locations rich in history and myth.

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