Helga Dís Björgúlfsdóttir

Steinunn is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Steinunn is Your Friend in Reykjavik. As an essential team member, she expertly handles Sales & Service, ensuring that guides and customers are always in the right place...
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Iceland and Greenland: Millennia of Adventures

Iceland and Greenland are closely linked historically, tracing back to the Viking Age. During this time, Norse settlers, including notable figures such as Eirik the Red and his...
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Kevin is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Kevin is Your Friend in Reykjavik. Originally from Germany, Kevin is our dedicated Product Manager, seamlessly blending technical expertise with creative problem-solving. His journey to Iceland began in...
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Tales of Two Islands: Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Iceland and the Faroe Islands share more than just the North Atlantic Ocean. The countries have a deep-rooted connection developed over centuries of shared history, culture, and societal...
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Tim Waters

The South Coast and The Icelandic Sagas

Do you find both Icelandic nature and the Icelandic sagas interesting? We have created a route for you to drive where you visit stunning natural wonders and historic...
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A traveller stranding at Reynisfjara, the Black Beach

Discover the Top Blogs and Influencers for Everything Icelandic

Are you planning a trip to Iceland or simply fascinated by its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant local life? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of...
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The Last Execution in Iceland

On a cold January day in 1830, a somber mood hung over the small Icelandic community of Illugastaðir. Agnes Magnúsdóttir and Friðrik Sigurðsson stood at the gallows, their...
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A Guide to Reykjavik Ports and Shore Excursions

If your cruise stops in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, you’re in for a treat. With stunning landscapes, rich history, and geothermal wonders, Reykjavik offers plenty to explore. This guide...
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Einar is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Born and raised in Reykjavík, Einar is a full-time tour guide with a wealth of knowledge and experience and is Your Friend in Reykjavik. Holding a bachelor’s degree...
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Helga Dís is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Meet Helga Dís, the multimedia boss at “Your Friend in Reykjavik.” She utilizes her journalistic skills and extensive knowledge of Reykjavik’s cultural and historical landscape to drive the...
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