Food & Drink in Iceland

Skonsa – The Icelandic Version of American Pancakes?

Skonsa or skonsur (plural) is a favourite among Icelanders. Many buy them in the store, but they're very easy to make.
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Love Balls (ástarpungar) – The Icelandic doughnuts’ cousin

A few months back, we gave you a recipe for the quintessential Icelandic fried pastry; kleinur. Now we’re going to provide you with a recipe for its cousin....
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Best Breakfast Places in Reykjavik

Author Ian Fleming once said: Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it. And we agree. A hearty breakfast makes a great start to a good day....
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The Best 7-day itinerary for a trip to Iceland

Iceland is on the bucket list for many, and there are many things people want to see. It can be challenging to find what to do to get...
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The Sandwich Tart (or smörgåstårta or brauðterta)

There is this one bread dish every Icelander knows, especially from confirmation parties or grandma’s birthday. And that’s brauðterta – bread tart/sandwich tart. It does not have a...
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Lamb fillet with vegetables and creamy mushroom sauce 

As a nation, lamb is our favourite meat. Not unsurprising as it is no secret that sheep farming is important to Icelanders. The Norwegian settlers brought sheep with...
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The Icelandic Carnival Days – Bolludagur, Sprengidagur and Öskudagur.

Is there an Icelandic Carnival? Not as such, but we do have bolludagur, sprengidagur and öskudagur. Three days of eating and dressing up. Read all about it!
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Best Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Reykjavik

What are the best vegan and vegetarian places in Reykjavik? Look no further, this is our recommendations
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Marriage bliss – The best everyday cake (Hjónabandssæla)!

Hjónabandssæla – which translates to Marriage Bliss – is a simple but good everyday cake. It is straightforward to make, which adds to its popularity. Hjónabandssæla has its...
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Icelandic Rye Bread – Lavabread or Geyserbread (Rúgbrauð)

Rye bread is reasonably sweet bread and dark brown. In some places in Iceland, it is cooked by digging a hole into the ground (where there’s geothermal heat)....
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