Things to do in Reykjavik

Iceland With Kids – Live Stream interview with Eric Newman

Is it possible to travel to Iceland with kids? Of course, Iceland is very family-friendly. In this live stream, we talk with Eric Newman, who fell in love...
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Reykjavik Cultural Signs – Walking Tour

Around Reykjavik, you will find cultural signs telling you titbits about the history of the place. They mark historical monuments and areas within Reykjavik’s city limits. They are...
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History of Houses in Downtown Reykjavik

Despite Reykjavik’s long history, there aren’t many very old houses in downtown Reykjavik. The oldest buildings are mainly from the mid-18th century. The oldest building in Iceland is...
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Tasting Icelandic Christmas Beers

The Christmas beer season is soon upon us. Icelandic breweries, of which are many, go all in, and everyone who likes beer will be spoilt for choice. Tasting...
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Icelandic Christmas Traditions

Like most people who celebrate Christmas, the list of things needing to be done before Christmas is long in Iceland. Most Icelandic Christmas customs are also found in...
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Halloween in Iceland

Everyone knows Halloween. Some believe it is an invention of the candy companies to sell more candy. However, celebrations at the end of October can be seen in...
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Most important Architects in Iceland

Who are the most important architects in Iceland? It, of course, depends on how you look at it. But if you look at it purely from an aesthetic...
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The Best Beers in Iceland

What are the best beers in Iceland? Icelanders do not have a long history with beer. It was banned from 1915 to 1989. Before the ban, you could...
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Fish in Iceland

If there’s something there’s plenty of; it’s fish in Iceland. It’s no secret that Icelanders love fish. After all, we live on an island, and fishing is one...
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Icelandic Fermented shark in plastic cans

Iceland’s Strangest Food

Iceland’s strangest food possibly isn’t any stranger than other countries’ food. But it’s still strange! Some are generally only eaten during mid-winter and especially during the mid-winter festival...
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