Your Friend In Reykjavik

is Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Your Friend in Reykjavik operates in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

We offer walking tours, which are beneficial for the participant’s health and well-being, non-polluting, and have negligible impact on infrastructure.

Walking together in a small group encourages personal connection between the friendly local guide and other participants, ideal for improving mental health.

Authorized Day Tour Provider since 2014

Your Friend in Reykjavik is an Authorised Day Tour Provider, fully licensed by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

We have developed Safety Plans (Risk Assessments) for all our tours, as the board requires.

Responsible Tourism

Your Friend in Reykjavik’s mother company is one of more than 300 companies signing a declaration on Responsible tourism for Icelandic companies in the value chain of Tourism. This focused project was initiated in 2016 by the Iceland Tourism Cluster in cooperation with the Icelandic Tourist Board and others.


We pledge to:

– Treat nature with respect and care

– Ensure the safety of our guests and treat them tactfully

– Respect the rights of employees

– Have a positive impact on the local community

Clean & Safe

Your Friend in Reykjavik fulfills the requirements demanded by the Icelandic Tourist Board to display the label “Clean & Safe, which is a project intending to reduce visitors’ apprehension regarding Covid-19.

We provide business opportunities and create employment in our community.

Excellent guides & Training

Our guides are all local highly trained Certified Tourist Guides, with a diploma from one of the tourist guide schools in Iceland. Tourist guide studies are extensive, touching on multiple subjects during two semesters. A course in First Aid is part of the curriculum.
We also train our guides for all tours to make sure they can provide good edutainment (Entertainment & Education).

Among our staff, we have members in ICE-SAR (Icelandic Association of Search and Rescue), Fuglavernd – Birdlife Iceland, and Landvernd – the Icelandic Environment Association, the leading nature conservation association in Iceland.

Slow Food Travel

We want to apply Slow Food and Slow Food Travel guidelines when coming to travel experiences, supporting, among other goals, local food producers and restaurants & bars that focus on Icelandic products & drinks. 

We have a Slow Food member in our staff to guarantee the constant connection with Slow Food values.

Recycling – waste reduction

Our guides tell our guests about how you can safely drink the water from the faucet/tap and tell them about recycling in Iceland.