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Icelandic sheep

Haustmánuður – The Sheep Round-Up Month

Haustmánuður, or Autumn Month, was the last month of the Old Icelandic Calendar. It was the time when farmers did their sheep round-up, and the slaughter season began....
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Tvímánuður – Second to Last Summer Month in Iceland

Tvímánuður is the second to last summer month in Iceland, according to the Old Icelandic Calendar. Þingvellir in the beginning of September. Nordic and Northern European people used...
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Old Icelandic Calendar: Heyannir

Heyannir, or Hay Work, was the 10th month of the year, according to the Old Icelandic Calendar. It was also the 4th summer month. The month’s name describes...
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Midight Sun Iceland

The Midsummer month Sólmánuður

The midsummer month Sólmánuður, or Sun Month, began, as the name would suggest, during midsummer. Nordic and Northern European people used the Norse calendar until Christianity took over....
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The Raven at Skíðastaðir

One section of Jón Árnason’s Icelandic Legends deals with divine punishment. Those stories are treated somewhat differently and have a more serious content than the other stories about...
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The Watchman in Reykjavik

Vaktari, or watchman, was a job initially created between 1770 and 1780 in Reykjavík. It was at the initiative of representatives of the New Enterprises company (Innréttingarnar). It...
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Icelandic Gingersnaps – Piparkökur

Most people know gingersnaps, biscuits flavored with ginger and other spices, such as cinnamon, molasses, and clove. The Northern European version, or Icelandic gingersnaps, piparkökur (pepper cookies), is...
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The Northern Lights in Iceland during winter

Myths and Legends of the Northern Lights

Visitors flock to Iceland from all over the world with long lists of things to see and do. For some people, trips to the Land of Fire and...
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Food Halls in Reykjavik

So, Food Halls in Reykjavik. We’ve told you that Icelanders are a bit of a fad nation. If something becomes cool, everyone must have it. And one of...
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Humarsúpa, sægreifinn

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Reykjavik

There are a few seafood restaurants in Reykjavik, but oddly there are not that many which focus solely on seafood. But that’s good for those in a group...
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The Best Steak Restaurants in Reykjavik

It will never be said enough but eating food is the second most important thing you will ever do on any travel (after breathing). Since it is so...
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Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Iceland has many folktales about Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Many deals with elves that, for some reason, use that time to be out and about. Some...
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