Reykjavik is a city that offers a diverse range of culinary experiences, from traditional Icelandic dishes to international cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe, a trendy bar, or a fine dining restaurant, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and budget in Reykjavik. This blog post aims to share some of the best places to eat and drink in Reykjavik based on different categories and preferences. You’ll discover the top restaurants in Reykjavik for seafood, steak, vegan, breakfast, fast food, cocktails, coffee, and some of the best restaurants outside Reykjavik for a change of scenery. We hope you enjoy this guide to the best food and drink in Reykjavik.

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The Best Fast-Food Places in Reykjavik

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Let’s begin with the simple choices. Some people may be surprised to hear that Iceland does not have any McDonald’s, Burger Kings or Starbucks outlets. Although there used to be two hamburger chains, McDonald’s went bankrupt during the 2008 Financial Crisis, and Burger King left soon after. However, there are still KFC and Subway restaurants available in Iceland.

It’s possible that you may not be interested in having a meal from a popular fast-food chain but would like to try something unique to Iceland. Our list of the best fast food places in Reykjavik features food from all around the world. However, we do include some typically Icelandic options.

Check out our list of The Best Fast-Food Places in Reykjavik.

The Best Breakfast Places in Reykjavik

Photo: Reykjavik Roasters

Ian Fleming once observed, ‘Hope makes a good breakfast. Eat plenty of it.’ In this spirit, we embrace his wisdom and emphasize the importance of an actual, nourishing breakfast to kick-start a splendid day. Where, then, can you indulge in the best breakfast experiences Reykjavik offers? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the most delightful breakfast spots in the city, each with its unique allure. This isn’t a competition – every place on our list is a winner in its own way. Join us as we explore these culinary gems, perfect for fueling your day with hope and hearty flavours.

Check out our list of The Best Breakfast Places in Reykjavik.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Reykjavik

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Reykjavik is home to a select number of seafood restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. While not all are exclusively seafood-focused, this diversity caters wonderfully to groups with varied tastes. As a nation rooted in fishing for centuries, Iceland’s rich maritime heritage is evident. Being an island nation blessed with abundant marine life, Iceland guarantees exceptionally fresh fish. This is a source of pride for many local restaurants, which celebrate and showcase the freshness and quality of their seafood offerings.

Check out our list of The Best Seafood Restaurants in Reykjavik.

The Best Steak Restaurants in Reykjavik

Photo: The Steakhouse

Eating good food is a crucial part of any travel experience, right after the basic need of breathing. We understand how a bad meal can ruin your journey, so we have compiled a list of Reykjavik’s best steak restaurants. This guide is exclusively designed for steak lovers who enjoy having a delicious steak during their travel adventures.

Check out our list of The Best Steak Restaurants in Reykjavik.

The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Reykjavik

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Photo: Mama Reykjavik

While traditionally known for its sheep and fish-based cuisine, Iceland has embraced a vegan and vegetarian-friendly ethos. While the number of exclusively vegan restaurants may be limited, most dining establishments can offer an impressive array of vegan and vegetarian options. In fact, Iceland is often regarded as one of the more accommodating destinations for plant-based diets. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of the top vegan spots in Reykjavik. This collection isn’t exhaustive but highlights our top picks and highly recommended places for delightful plant-based dining.

Check out our list of The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Reykjavik.

The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik

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Iceland’s natural beauty is unmatched, with its dramatic landscapes ranging from active volcanoes and sparkling waterfalls to rugged cliffs and the stunning Northern Lights. Reykjavik, the capital, is just as captivating, offering a diverse experience in its own right.

This diversity is reflected in the city’s food scene. Reykjavik’s cuisine focuses on fresh, local ingredients. The city’s restaurants are known for their fresh seafood, sourced daily from surrounding waters, and meat from nearby farms, ensuring quality and freshness.

In Reykjavik’s city centre, we’ve selected ten outstanding restaurants known for their exceptional food and consistent quality. These places will surely provide a memorable dining experience that complements the beauty of Iceland.

Check out our list of The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik.

Food Halls in Reykjavik

Let’s talk about the Food Halls in Reykjavik. Icelanders have a penchant for embracing the latest trends with enthusiasm. When something becomes fashionable, it quickly becomes a must-have in our culture.

The latest trend to capture our collective imagination is food halls. The first one in Iceland opened in 2017 in Hlemmur, marking a new era in our culinary scene. Since then, six more have sprung up, with even more on the horizon. You might be wondering if there’s enough demand for all these food halls. Well, the answer seems to be a resounding ‘yes,’ at least for now. This popularity is partly thanks to our visitors, including you, who have embraced these vibrant culinary hubs during your travels in Iceland.

Check out our list of Food Halls in Reykjavik.

The Best Restaurants Outside Reykjavik

Nailed it Fish And Chips. Photo: Nailed it Fish and Chips
Photo: Nailed It Jökulsárlón

We’ve shared insights on Reykjavik’s culinary scene, highlighting the city’s top dining spots, including steak houses, vegan and vegetarian eateries, seafood joints, and breakfast cafes. But we understand that your adventure might take you beyond the vibrant streets of Reykjavik to explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland.

This country offers an abundance of wonders, and your experience can vary greatly depending on the season of your visit. We highly recommend embarking on a journey along the Ring Road to fully immerse yourself in the diverse beauty of our island. This route will lead you through a breathtaking panorama of Iceland’s natural treasures.

Check out our list of The Best Restaurants Outside Reykjavik.

The Best Road Trip Food in Icelandic Grocery Stores

Curious about the ultimate road trip snacks you can find in Icelandic grocery stores? Iceland’s vastness often catches visitors by surprise. Despite its modest population, the island’s expanse rivals that of Ireland and Scotland or is about equivalent to Ohio in the USA.

Embarking on a journey across Iceland inevitably means spending a good amount of time on the road, embracing the spirit of a true road trip! And what’s a road trip without the perfect snacks? Let’s dive into the best road trip food options you can pick up from Icelandic grocery stores, ensuring your adventure is not only scenic but also deliciously satisfying!

Check out our list of The Best Road Trip Food in Icelandic Grocery Stores.

The Best Coffee Shops in Reykjavik

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Embarking on a quest to discover Reykjavik’s best coffee shops is an adventure in itself, given the city’s abundant choices. Icelanders have a deep-rooted love for coffee, and this passion thrives without the need for international chains like Starbucks.

Remarkably, Iceland ranks consistently among the top three nations for coffee consumption per capita (we do have a penchant for measuring everything per capita in Iceland!). Perhaps it’s the long, dark Nordic winters, but our love for a good cup of coffee is undeniable.

An intriguing aspect of our coffee culture includes the practice of reading fortunes from the coffee remnants in your cup, a unique tradition that’s very much alive and no mere folklore.

Check out our list of The Best Coffee Shops in Reykjavik.

Discover the Best Bars in Reykjavik

Photo: Jungle Bar

Looking for the best bars in Reykjavik? The city isn’t just known for its stunning landscapes and culture; its bar scene is also a major highlight. Reykjavik is full of unique bars that offer a mix of creativity and Icelandic flavours.

You’ll find a variety of spots, from hidden gems to stylish rooftop bars with great views. Each place has its own special vibe. Visit these bars to enjoy some innovative cocktails crafted by expert mixologists.

Check out our list of The Best Bars in Reykjavik.

We hope you liked this list of the best food and drink in Reykjavik!

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