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Whale Meat in Iceland

There is a long history of whaling and eating whale meat in Iceland. Whale hunting began in Iceland as early as the 12th century, and stranded whales have always been a significant windfall. Iceland is a part of the International Whale Commission and has been since the beginning, apart from a few years. Icelanders quit the commission in...
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Pick-Up Locations for Private Walking Tours

When you choose a private tour with Your Friend in Reykjavik, you get a more intimate tour with the possibility of a walking pick-up. If you want a more customizable tour, we recommend you check out our bespoke walking tours. Bespoke and custom tours are customizable to your preferences (as much as possible). When choosing a walking pick-up,...
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Horse Meat in Iceland

Finding horse meat in Iceland to eat can be difficult outside the regular slaughtering seasons (in the fall and winter). The most common things to find are horse meat sausages and foal meat. The Icelandic horse is, in many ways, an exceptional horse breed. It was brought over from Norway during the settlement era in the 9th and...
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Join us on a Christmas Walking Tour

Christmas is the most magical time in the world. We here at Your Friend in Reykjavik at least think so. Your Friend in Reykjavik offers a Christmas Walking Tour before every Christmas, but if you cannot join us for whatever reason, you can watch the live videos here in this post. We hope to make this a yearly...
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A Visit to The Phallological Museum of Iceland

Experience the unique The Phallological Museum of Iceland – Icelandic Penis Museum with Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur. This is the only museum in the world with a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammals found in a single country. The Phallological Museum was established almost by chance. The founder had, for some reason,...
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Reykjavik Artwork Walk Around The Pond

On this Reykjavik Artwork Walk Around the Pond, you will get to know many of Iceland’s most important sculptors. Reykjavík has a lot of outdoor artworks maintained by the Reykjavik Art Museum. And what’s more, you can even download an app (both iOS and Android) with information and their exact location! Beginning in Ingólfstorg, we are going to...
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Boiled Bread (Soðið brauð)

Boiled bread, often eaten with hangikjöt, is most common in North Iceland, even if it has spread a bit in recent years. It is simple to make, and in a recipe book from 1891, it says it is made the same way as laufabrauð, but instead of cutting it, it is pricked with a fork, and water is...
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The Best Museums Outside Reykjavik’s Center

There are, of course, many museums outside of downtown Reykjavik and we wouldn’t want you to miss any of them. Check out this list of the best museums outside Reykjavik’s center! The capital has many different types of museums. Everything from open-air museums to design museums, art museums and natural history museums. There’s even a whole island which...
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The Best Museums in Downtown Reykjavik

Icelanders may be few, but what we lack in population size we make up for with our numerous museums. We love our museums, just like our geothermal pools. We have museums with everything from personal collections, penises, and crystals to witchcraft, art, and design. But what interesting, good and fun museums can you check out in downtown Reykjavik?...
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Now I should laugh if I were not dead!

Icelanders did not only tell tales of the supernatural but also of outlaws and Icelandic comedy tales. The following story is rather silly, and the poor men who are tricked are the ones who get punished for it, rather than the tricksters. Read other legends and fairytales: Sæmundir the Learned and the DevilThe Shepherd of SilfrúnarstaðirThe Genesis of...
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Katla’s Dream

Katla’s Dream is a typical and fun elf-tale. It is written from a very old narrative poem in the meter style used in Eddaic poetry. It is believed the poem is from before the Black Death plague in the 14h century. However, the oldest manuscripts that include the poem are from the 17th century. It must have been...
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What do the Icelandic Place Names Actually Mean?

Some time ago, a picture with long Icelandic place names went viral. The place names put Eyjafjallajökull to shame, the volcano name many could not pronounce. The tongue twisters are often difficult for Icelanders to pronounce as well – at least if we are going to do it fast (however, listen to this handy audio, where all the...
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