Are you planning to visit Iceland in June? This month has the first official days of summer, with warmer temperatures and wonderfully long daylight hours. 

Aside from excellent weather conditions, visiting Iceland in June also allows you to join in many celebrations, including our own National Day! 

Your Friend in Reykjavik loves summer for many reasons, from enjoying the midnight sun to its fullest to embracing our inner Viking! 

And we want to share our love of summer with you! 

While we wait for you to join us on one of our Iceland tours and day trips, we’ll showcase everything great about our incredible country in June in this blog.

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Thorsmork Iceland in summer

There’s So Much to Celebrate Across Iceland in June

Pretty much any time you visit Iceland in June, you will find us celebrating! 

On the first weekend is the Festival of the Sea, when we honor our fishing and sea-going heritage with entertainment, highlighting everything from sailing to mermaids. 

Then, depending on the year, we have the biennial Reykjavik Arts Festival, with exhibits, installations, and events all over the city.

This is also a perfect time for a Reykjavik walking tour with a Viking!

And speaking of Vikings, our neighbors in Hafnarfjörður host the annual Viking Festival during the second week of June for even more interactive cultural fun.

You can see Vikings in action, from fabulous feasts and parties to markets selling leather, fur, swords, and horns.

If you are traveling to Iceland in the summer, try to be in the country on June 17th — Icelandic National Day!

Everyone across the country celebrates our independence from Denmark, but we really know how to party in Reykjavik. 

Parades, circus acts, street fairs, and more make our capital the place to be on this amazing day!

Sunrise? Sunset? Yes!

Iceland June's midnight sun

June in Iceland is Ideal for Fun in the Midnight Sun

The sun never sets in Iceland during the summer. Well, technically, it does, but not for very long. 

This is especially true in June, as our longest day usually occurs around June 21st. 

The sun officially sets around midnight but rises again at about 3 am. This means the sky turns a brilliant red and yellow before brightening again. 

Without any darkness, there’s no chance of catching the northern lights. But the midnight sun is a spectacular and unique experience in its own right.

A Reykjavik landscape at 1am in June

Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Iceland in June

Fantastic weather, daylong daylight — summertime is ideal for discovering the gorgeous Icelandic countryside. 

There are plenty of fabulous campsites in Iceland for every kind of outdoor enthusiast, from the adorably quaint Grenivik in the north to the rugged Skaftafell in the south. 

Even if you are not one for sleeping in tents, there are also many hiking trails on which you can breathe in the fresh Icelandic air and snap some stunning photos. 

And you don’t even have to travel far — we’ve got abundant nature in Reykjavik that’s ready for you to explore.

With all these hours in a day, you may want to head to the harbor and join a Reykjavik whale-watching tour in the midnight sun.

Best Things to Do in Reykjavik in June

With all the celebrations in and around Reykjavik in June, there is plenty to see and do every day you are here. 

Head down to the harbor during the Festival of the Sea, enjoy all the arts, culture, and fun during the Reykjavik Arts Festival, and then celebrate everything Iceland on our National Day. 

And remember, if you can’t make it to Hafnarfjörður for the Viking Festival, you can always join us and walk with a Viking in Reykjavik.

Or, if you want some help navigating the many local snacks and dishes, we’ve got the perfect Reykjavik food lovers tour to help you out!

Midnight sun in Iceland

What is the Weather in Iceland Like in June?

Not only does June have long days with around 20 hours of daylight, but it also has warm weather and very little rainfall. 

Temperatures are usually around 48.97°F (9.43°C), with some fluctuation. That’s t-shirt-and-shorts weather for us!

The average June temperatures in Reykjavik range from 45.9°F (7.7°C) to 54.9°F (12.7°C), with 174 mean sunshine hours across the month. 

There are no numbers for the average snowfall in June. If it happens (it’s Iceland; of course, it can happen), it is so rare that it doesn’t register on the average scale. 

In June, there are 10.7 days with precipitation days on average.

Take a deeper dive into conditions in June and throughout the year by reading our guide, What’s the Weather Like in Iceland?

Midight Sun Iceland

What to Pack for a Visit to Iceland in June

In June, we may be happily frolicking around Reykjavik in shorts, but you should also pack a sweater and jacket. Layers are always key! 

Since this is an excellent time for the great outdoors, consider a windbreaker, boots, and gloves. It may be warm, but if you spend a lot of time outside, you may start to get chilly! 

Also, remember what we said about the long days? If you are not used to sleeping while the sun is out, you should pack some sleep aids to ensure you get the right amount of rest.

Check out our guide What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland for even more helpful tips and advice.

Hallgrimskirkja Rainbow

Your Friend in Reykjavik Can’t Wait to See You in June!

Or any time, really! We want to take you to all our favorite spots in Reykjavik. 

And with all the festivals and summer fun in June, it’s a fantastic time to take to the streets! 

When the days are so long, you might want to try one of our private walking tours in Reykjavik so you can take in our beautiful capital at your own pace.

For more information about private walks or any of our other Iceland tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. […] June may have the longest summer days in Iceland, but if you visit Reykjavik in July, you’ll still get to enjoy long days! With sunsets around 11 pm and sunrises at 4 am, you may not get a full Midnight Sun experience, but you will get some of the quickest nights around. In fact, there may be nights where you may see the sunset only to blink and see it rise again seemingly as quickly. […]

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