Are you planning a trip to Iceland in the summer? July, in particular, is a lovely time for a holiday on our little island. 

You’ll find music festivals, from traditional to experimental, across the country, not to mention long, warm days to frolic in nature. 

And, of course, the friendly locals will always help make your Iceland vacation a trip to remember!

Your Friend in Reykjavik invites you to travel to Iceland during July so you can experience the very best of our summer. 

And best of all, you can enjoy our Iceland tours and day trips without having to stock up on winter clothing (unless, of course, you want to!)

Keep scrolling down to discover more about visiting Iceland in July. And if you have any questions for us in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Iceland in July

The Weather in Iceland in July

We can’t stress enough how great the weather is here in the summer!

The daily mean temperatures aren’t particularly high for most people, but they range between 10°C and 13°C (50°F and 55°F). 

They do get higher, of course, and it’s not unusual for temperatures in Reykjavik to stay above 15°C (59°F) and even reach 21°C (70°F). 

In the northern and eastern parts of the country, it can often get warmer than this.

On average, we can see about 10 precipitation days in July, but it usually doesn’t rain a lot at a time. On average, there is about 2.06” of rainfall in the month.

We don’t recommend packing your heavy winter gear for a trip to Iceland in July, but a good rule of thumb for Icelandic weather is layering up. 

So, bring your waterproof jacket and boots, and a sweater, just in case.

But when it does rain, it soon passes, and the sun comes out again. And in July, that can be until very late.

The Midnight Sun in Iceland

Visiting Iceland in June will allow you to experience the longest summer days. But if you visit Reykjavik in July, you’ll still get to enjoy incredible amounts of daylight! 

With sunsets around 11:00 pm and sunrises at 4:00 am, you may not get a full Midnight Sun experience, but you will still see some of the quickest nights around. 

In fact, there may be nights when you see the sunset, only to blink and see it rise again seemingly just as quickly. 

The twilights are also very long in Iceland, so it will still be fairly bright even if the sun has set.

A favorite pastime of many is to go golfing in the midnight sun. At the end of June, there’s even a tournament called the Arctic Open.

Icelanders have embraced the sport, and you will find at least 70 golf courses in the country, of which sixteen are 18-hole courses, and 54 are 9-hole. 

Eleven of these golf courses are in the capital area alone, so you will not have to go far to enjoy a round. 

Like in so many other areas, Icelanders like to be best – at least per capita. The good news for us and golfers is that our country has the most courses per capita!

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Enjoy Being Inside and Outside in Iceland in July

Lovers of the great outdoors should definitely try to make it to Iceland in July. 

Warm weather and long days make ideal conditions for camping and hiking all over the island. 

You may want to join a Golden Circle tour and see some of our country’s most iconic sites in the southern half of the island.

This includes a fascinating exploration of Þingvellir National Park. If you’re an experienced drysuit diver, you may want to check Silfra off your bucket list here. 

You can also head northwest to the Westfjords and Hornstrandir to feel the force of the 100-meter Dynjandi waterfalls. 

If you want to mix culture and beautiful weather, join us for a Reykjavik walking tour on which you can enjoy the many outdoor art installations in the capital.

A great tip for those who are traveling outside Reykjavik in July, and especially in a camper van: You can skip the crowds by sightseeing in the late evening and through the night!

The atmosphere changes during the night, it is still bright, but it is much quieter. We highly recommend trying this at least once.

You Can Find July Festivals All Over Iceland!

Cinema lovers may recognize Siglufjörður in Northern Iceland from movies like Walter Mitty. In fact, it’s one of many film locations in Iceland.

But at the beginning of July, folk music lovers congregate at the century-old Siglufjörður Folk Music Centre for a celebration of folk music from local and international artists. 

For less traditional entertainment, the Reykjavik Fringe Festival is held around the same time as well. 

Their website says it best: “Our artists are a mix of local and international performers, speaking, singing, and screaming in a variety of languages – or none at all.” 

Then in mid-July, there is the Landsmot – the National Icelandic Horse Competition

It takes place in a different part of the country every year and shows off the singular skills of our equestrians and our unique Icelandic horses. 

Dynjandi waterfalls in full summertime rush! – Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Summertime Treats to Try on Your July Visit to Reykjavik

With the warm weather comes the urge for a cool, sweet treat. 

And even if conditions are a little chilly for you, you should still find your way to one of our many ice cream parlors and try Iceland-style ice cream! 

It’s not too different from what you’re used to, but we have some flavors that may become your favorites! 

Take one of our Reykjavik food lovers tours and find out where the best place is for salted licorice ice cream or a frozen treat featuring our beloved rye bread.

And if sweets aren’t your thing, there are plenty of places to try our famous Icelandic hot dogs!

Icelanders really love their ice cream – no matter the weather. Our own favorite ice cream parlors are:

Valdís and Gaeta Gelato specialize in Italian gelatos and sorbets, while Huppa, Skúbb, and Ísbúð Vesturbæjar are more traditional, but they all have their specialized areas. 

Vesturbæjarísbúðin is known for its “olden days” ice cream, which is made from milk, rather than cream. 

Huppa makes their own ice cream instead of using one of the two biggest ice cream companies in Iceland, Kjörís, and Emmessís. 

Skúbb makes their own ice cream as well, but there’s no soft ice available; it’s all in scoops and organic. But you can also get breakfast bowls from them with Greek yogurt, muesli, and fruits.

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What to Pack When Visiting Iceland in July

The warm weather may mean lighter clothing, but you should always come prepared. This means comfy walking shoes for your walk with a Viking

We did mention the rain, so you should bring some light all-weather gear. 

If you want to head to the great outdoors, you may need more substantial gear, but you can also rent outdoor clothing if you don’t want to overload your luggage. 

You can even rent camping equipment

With the very short nights, you may want to consider bringing something to help you sleep. 

And of course, chargers, battery packs, and memory cards to ensure you capture all those fabulous summer moments here.

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Let Your Friend in Reykjavik Show You Summer Fun in Iceland!

We love our home and want to ensure you have an unforgettable time on your trip to Iceland in July, or whenever you plan to visit.

Our friendly, knowledgeable guides can’t wait to show you around and share their special tips and insights to help you make the most of your holiday in Reykjavik and Iceland. 

Find out about our many walking jaunts, from private folklore tours to pub crawls.

And if you have any questions about our day trips and longer excursions, please feel free to contact us.

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