“The Darkness is Fun” – An Icelandic Ghost story

This is a short ghost story. But people have told stories about how newly dead men have spoken during their wake or when they are being buried. Some dead people have tried to speak to their dead neighbours or that people hear “corpse sounds” if the person they are burying has an enemy buried in the same cemetery.

Adrian Smythe, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Others say that you will only hear “corpse sounds” if people are buried alive. However, if that’s the case, then it can’t be the sounds of corpses as they aren’t dead. We hope you like this Icelandic ghost story.

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“The Darkness is Fun”

Aleksander Gierymski – Old Woman Watching over a Dead Body II

In the past and up to the present day (in the 19th century), it was a national custom to watch over dead bodies. It was usually done by light if the night was not completely clear. Once upon a time, an evil sorcerer with a problematic temperament died. Few wanted to watch over his body. However, a young and brave man decided to take on the project of watching over the body. The light went out a little before daybreak when the sorcerer was supposed to be placed in the coffin. The corpse rose up and said: “The darkness is fun.” The watchman replied: “You don’t enjoy it,” and then recited this verse:

“The ground is now all in light,
the night has but over.
There was a candle, but you are dust,
and shut up sometime.”
Then he ran on top of the corpse and knocked it back again. It was then quiet for the rest of the night.

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