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Going horse riding is at the top of many people’s bucket lists, and that’s not without reason. The Icelandic horse is, as you know, world-famous. Both because it is so small but also for its friendliness, how easy they are to ride, its extra gate, and resilience.

The first Norse settlers to Iceland brought horses with them, integrating a new breed and equine heritage into the birth of Iceland! They are even part of our mythology – some say that part of Ásbyrgi canyon was formed by Odin’s horse, Sleipnir, making a hoof-fall on the north part of the island.

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Image by Susanne Stöckli from Pixabay

The Icelandic horse looks like a Norwegian horse species called the Nordland horse. However, research showed that they were much more related to the Shetland pony than the Nordland and Fjord horses in Norway. It was a surprise how little relation there was between the Icelandic and Fjord horses. Still, it could be explained by cross-breeding in Norway while the Icelandic horse remained isolated.

You can read more about the Icelandic horse here.

Going horseback riding in Iceland is a unique experience. Lisa Farret Loewenberg has been riding with the Icelandic horse-riding company Riding Iceland Tour since 2011. We met with her in a live video, and she told us about what they do.

Riding Iceland tours are designed to follow the ancient riding trails that have served people traveling across the country ever since the settlements of Iceland. An important factor in their tours is the bonds formed with the horses and the forever friendships made between fellow riders.

Traveling together through often challenging Icelandic nature and experiencing all the wonders of a Riding Iceland Tour is a lifetime experience. The home base of Riding Iceland is at Saltvík farm in north Iceland.

Mark and Lisa have been riding with Riding-Iceland since 2011. Their love of the country, culture, and horses has become a passion they like to share with American travelers. They love to help pick the perfect riding tour for each individual’s skills. They also provide helpful travel tips for planning a stress-free trip of a lifetime.

There’s no need to worry about how to get to the horse-riding tour in North Iceland. All tours start and end in Reykjavik either at the BSI Bus Terminal or at Eagle Air domestic airport. Additionally, you will find all transportation connected with the tour is included.

All meals and accommodation from the tour start till the end are included. Alcohol, however, is expensive in Iceland. So, it’s a good idea to visit the duty-free shop at the airport to bring a small stash. We also recommend you check out our Reykjavik Beer & Booze Tour if you want to have a taste of what’s on offer.
Additionally, rain gear, helmets, and sleeping bags are provided and included.

Check out their website and Facebook page for further information.

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