If you like strolling through markets and see people from all walks of life the Reykjavik flea market is for you! It’s the biggest flea market in Reykjavik, it’s named Kolaportið and it’s very popular among the locals. It’s right in the center at Tryggvagata 19 (by the famous hot dog stand) and you can enter on opposite ends of the building and also the side facing the Harpa concert hall. This flea market has it all and is one of our food stops in our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour if it’s open.
We also pass the flea market in our Walk with a Viking.

The market is a great place to go if you are hungry, cold, looking for something to read, a souvenir or a gift for someone. You can find all sorts of delicacies in the food stalls and beautiful hand-knitted goods made with Icelandic wool, often sold by the ladies who make them. It is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation and learn about Icelandic patterns and knitting. You can also find all kinds of arts and crafts, antiques, toys, clothes, and books. In one corner of the market, there is a café with a seating area which sells traditional Icelandic bread and pastries.

We recommend you visit the food stalls and try some licorice, dried fish and for the brave-hearted, fermented shark. We also recommend you have a seat in the café of the flea market situated in the corner closest to the Harpa concert hall and have some flatbread with smoked lamb, pancakes and fried dough (kleina). Then we, of course, can’t praise the Icelandic wool masters enough for knitting those beautiful sweaters, gloves, scarves, and hats that keep us all warm during winter. You can also find one of a kind vintage clothing, books in English and beautiful locally made jewelry.

It is wise to show up with some cash in your pocket as not everyone accepts bank cards. There is an atm/cash point by one of the entrances.  You can also try to haggle a bit, some of the sellers are there every weekend while others are just there for one time only and are willing to sell their things quickly and for cheap.

Kolaportið is open on weekends from 11 am to 5 pm (11-17).