The famous Icelandic outdoor clothing company 66°North, with their Keeping Iceland Warm since 1926 slogan, recently received a job application different from most others. You wouldn’t go amiss having one of their winter jackets when travelling in Iceland during winter.

Ásdís Karlsdóttir lives in Akureyri and became a model at 81. She says she played an online game asking which career would suit her the best, and the result was a model. Subsequently, she decided to apply at 66°North on their Facebook page, saying she was eighty years old if they didn’t need a model and then sent them 5 photos of herself.

She told reporters that she was just kidding around. However, at the same time, she also brought attention to the fact that no matter how old you are, you do need clothes to wear. And being a model at 81 is a lot of fun.

The people at 66°North were quite impressed. They took her application seriously, and just a week later, Ásdís posed for one of their campaigns.

Ásdís says outdoor activity has always been a big part of her life. She takes long walks every day and has worn their clothes for years. Age and weather are really just a state of mind.

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