Is Iceland Safe to Visit Alone?

Solo travel is a liberating, character-building experience that millions of people around the world enjoy. But there is always a large nagging question that never leaves people traveling alone — is this safe?

Thanks to its spectacular scenery, raw nature, and unique culture, Iceland is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world. We welcome everybody from families to couples, and large tour groups to solo travelers.

Our range of walking tours in Reykjavik and Iceland day trips and tours allows you to see everything the Land of Fire and Ice has to offer. For more information about any of these tours, please feel free to get in touch.

And if you are traveling to Reykjavik alone, read on to find out why safety should be at the bottom of your list of concerns.


How Safe is Reykjavik for Solo Travelers?

Let’s put it in the simplest terms — Iceland is extremely safe. That applies as much to Icelanders as it does to anyone visiting our country.

In fact, Iceland was ranked number one on the 2022 World Peace Index. With a score of 1,107, our country was named the safest and most peaceful in the world! And our score has even improved from last year too.

These rankings take into account factors like political instability, domestic crime rates, militarisation, and social security, among others.

As the capital city, Reykjavik also has a well-earned reputation as one of the safest cities in Europe.

Iceland has a population of 366,425 (2020 figures), and 63% of this total lives in the Greater Reykjavik area. This small population is one of the biggest factors behind our country’s safety.

With close-knit communities and strong egalitarian values, we always check up on one another, ensuring that people are happy and content. In this environment, concepts of reputation, agreeability, and civil obedience take on a completely different meaning.

For more information about overall tourist safety, read our guide about tourist safety in Iceland.

Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik

Is Reykjavik Safe for Female Solo Travelers?

Of course, everyone has their own perception of safety. In reality, female travelers often feel more vulnerable than their male counterparts. It’s understandable, then, for female solo travelers, especially those going it alone for the first time, to need more reassurance.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, Iceland also has stellar gender equality and a strong support network for women.

This means that, despite being incredibly safe, if you do find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, you don’t have to hesitate to ask for help.

Of course, none of this is to say that Iceland is perfect for women or men and that crimes don’t happen.

But by simply taking the normal precautions you would in any other destination, you will soon feel safe, comfortable, and able to enjoy the most exciting things to do in Iceland.

Reykjavik Rainbow Street

Can I Stay Connected During my Trip to Iceland?

Here in Iceland, we have very fast and reliable internet connections. Except for the Highlands and mountain passes, you are almost always guaranteed a strong connection. Of course, this is particularly true in Reykjavik.

Solo travelers in the city and beyond don’t need to worry about feeling disconnected from the people they need to contact for advice or assistance.

Are you planning to extend your visit beyond Reykjavik? Find out where you should stop on a cross-country trip with our guide to the best towns in Iceland.

Do Icelanders Speak English?

Absolutely! Because schools teach English from an early age, almost every Icelander speaks the language fluently. Communication in English should not be a concern for your trip at all.

And it gets better! Many Icelanders also speak multiple languages, so communication in Danish, German, French, and Spanish is also common.

In every respect, you will never feel alone in Iceland, even if you are traveling solo!

Northern lights in Iceland

Make the Most of Your Visit with Our Reykjavik Day Trips and Tours

We hope this blog has shown you just how confident you can feel in traveling to Reykjavik, and throughout Iceland, alone.

And when you have booked your flight, Your Friend in Reykjavik can help you do and see everything you want in our incredible country.

Our Reykjavik walking tours explore the fascinating culture, history, and folklore of our capital city. With a wider range of day trips and tours in Iceland also available, you can visit our many jaw-dropping natural wonders too!

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