The Christmas beer season is soon upon us. Icelandic breweries, of which are many, go all in, and everyone who likes beer will be spoilt for choice. Tasting Icelandic Christmas beers has become a tradition for many.

Böl Christmas Beer.

Iceland has a pretty weird history of dealing with alcohol. Beer was famously banned for decades, while strong liqueur and wine were perfectly fine. For years, restaurants weren’t allowed to serve alcohol on Wednesdays. However, if you were lucky to know the waiter, you could get coffee in a pot and cognac in a creamer.

Thankfully, those days are behind us.

In this live-streamed chat (filmed 2020), Your Friend in Reykjavik Valur will chat with Sveinn Waage, a teacher at the Beer School of Iceland, about Icelandic Christmas Beers and the seasonal customs surrounding them.

At the time of filming, there were around 100 unique Icelandic Christmas Beers. That number is only growing. Many people in Iceland have the tradition of sampling as many Christmas beers as possible before and during the holidays. You can even buy dedicated Beer Advent Calendars.

The chat is light-hearted, and they taste Icelandic beers from breweries like Einstök, RVK Brewing, Böl Brewing, Borg, and more. You will get recommendations on Icelandic beers and drinks to enjoy when you eventually travel to Iceland.

Sveinn has been teaching at the Beer School of Iceland for 12 years, and he can provide online experiences related to beer for interested parties. Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur, has done quite a few Reykjavik Beer Tours through the company since 2014.

The live stream is not a family-friendly live experience as they will drink a couple of beers, and the dark humor of Icelanders when they are tipsy might disturb young children.

Other Live Streams

For other live streams, check out our YouTube Channel. You can also check some of them out below:

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