Christmas is the most magical time in the world. We here at Your Friend in Reykjavik at least think so.

Your Friend in Reykjavik offers a Christmas Walking Tour before every Christmas, but if you cannot join us for whatever reason, you can watch the live videos here in this post. We hope to make this a yearly tradition.

There’s a lot to learn about Icelandic Christmas Traditions. For example, did you know the days of Christmas are 13 in Iceland and not 12? That’s because we have 13 Santa Clauses or Yule Lads, and they come, one by one, every night before Christmas and give children a little something in their shoes they have left out in the window if they have been nice. If they’re naughty, they will get a potato. The Yule Lads are trolls, have a fierce children-eating mother, a lazy father and a ferocious pet cat, the Christmas Cat, who will eat anyone who doesn’t get a piece of clothing for Christmas.


Christmas Walking Tour

Join Your Friend in Reykjavik, Valur, for an online walking tour of downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

We will walk through the Christmas-lit and festive streets of Reykjavik, exploring the Christmas traditions of Iceland.

Discover the 13 Santas of Iceland, their mother, the Troll Grýla that eats naughty children, and the ferocious Christmas Cat.

This family-friendly tour brings Icelandic Christmas traditions to your home, brought to life with exciting stories and Icelandic folklore.

We will also enjoy the delicious food and drinks that Iceland considers Christmassy.

 We have a big tradition of Christmas beers; of course, we will check some out along the way.

Valur (you can call him Falcon) will also share hidden, local spots with you, like a visit to a genuine Elf home and other local gems – things you’d miss if you didn’t know what to look for.

Other Live Streams

For other live streams, check out our YouTube Channel. You can also check some of them out below:

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