Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You


Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You

Private tours in Reykjavik, Iceland, are ideal for discovering the magical Bay of Smoke. Today, the steaming hot springs that gave this port city its name makes way for wondrous delights for all ages. From elves and Vikings to feasting and shopping, make sure you experience everything you can with a private sightseeing tour in Reykjavik! Your Friend in Reykjavik will personalize your group’s itinerary for unforgettable memories of your Iceland journey.

Family experiencing Icelandic hot dogs on our private Reykjavik Food Tour

Social Distancing is Easy with Private Tours in Reykjavik

COVID-19 has made traveling and exploring through the first half of 2020 difficult, if impossible! But now, the stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions are slowly lifting around the world, and we’re all excited to venture out again. And Your Friend in Reykjavik is getting ready to welcome you to Reykjavik!

Iceland has stood out as one of the best countries handling the pandemic. We’ve kept numbers of low with more COVID tests per capita than anywhere in the world and with thorough contact tracing. And when we open our borders to international visitors, you may be able to take a COVID test and start your Iceland adventure straightaway, with no quarantine needed.

And if you need another good reason to join us here in Reykjavik, we have built in social distancing in Iceland. 

Iceland is 103,000sq km with only 360,000 people – that’s about three people per square kilometer! Now, if you want to make especially sure that you and your travel companions stay safe and still want a fun exploration, 

book a private tour of Reykjavik!

Set Your Own Pace with a Private Reykjavik Walking Tour

With a private tour, you set the pace. No need to worry about keeping up with the group. You are the group! Linger longer if something catches your eye. Ask all the questions you want – our tour guides love sharing their knowledge!

That is the joy of a private walking tour. You explore all the nooks and crannies of Reykjavik, while enjoying the brisk fresh sea air. You see things you’d never see from a tour bus or racing around with a huge group led by one guide with a flag.

Choose Family Fun or Walk Like a Viking

Traveling with kids is not a problem in Reykjavik! Especially on a private tour with Your Friend in Reykjavik. Our guides can enthrall children of all ages with their stories and will make sure to include stops that both parents and little ones enjoy.

And if it’s just the adults, then we may break out our scarier stories for the Reykjavik folklore tour or linger for an extra drink on the Reykjavik food tour. With our private tours, we focus on your kind of fun.

Your Private Guide Reveals Reykjavik’s Secrets

As you wander around the city, you’ll want to learn about Reykjavik’s fascinating past. Beyond the folklore and the typical stats like being the world’s most northernmost capital city, you may find out about how beer and dogs were banned here or how important our little island was during World War II.

Get more at every stop on your private walking tour with Your Friend in Reykjavik. Listen carefully as we share our favorite Reykjavik secrets, from how to find an elf to which is the best coffee in the city (hint: it’s not a Starbucks!!) and where you can spot a puffin!

A lovely family with us on a private Reykjavik walking tour

Picture-Perfect Moments for Your Social Media

What better way to capture your fantastic journey than through pictures and videos! Reykjavik, and all of Iceland, is full of beauty spots waiting to be shown off on Instagram and Facebook. Our guides know every location from all times of day, so they can show you where’s the best place for that perfect pic or video that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Get a True Local Experience with a Native in the Know

Wherever you go, you want to see the sights, but you also want an authentic feel. We love Reykjavik and want to make sure you get a taste of local life. Perhaps you might want to stretch your culinary palate with a bit of súrir hrútspungar (pickled ram’s testicles) or maybe just stick with our famous Icelandic hot dogs full of delicious toppings. And as we walk along Laugarvegur, the main shopping street, we share the best shops that we love so you can pick up more than just touristy souvenirs.

Be Inspired for the Rest of Your Time in Iceland

After a private tour with Your Friend in Reykjavik, you may discover you want to explore more. We try to fit everything in one tour, but there’s only so much time! So, we want to inspire our guests to enjoy their trip to the fullest and are happy to share tips and suggestions for where to go and what to do after we part ways. Or, you can always come back for one of our other private tours!

Personalized Itineraries Allows You Flexibility

The best part about a private tour of Reykjavik with us is the flexibility. You pick what time to start. Not sure when? Just ask us – we’ll suggest the best time for your group to ensure you have the best experience! And more than that, your guide can tailor the itinerary for you. Beer not a favorite? More snaps! More kids than adults for the walking tour? No problem! Everyone a vegetarian on the food tour? Then no fermented shark in the taste samples. Want to see something not on the tour? For a little extra, we’re happy to add more for you!

A private Reykjavik food tour experiencing Icelandic meat soup

Ready for Your Very Own Private Tour of Reykjavik?

Your Friend in Reykjavik is waiting to show you all that’s wonderful in our hometown! Pick your tour, pick your time, and join us for an adventure that you’ll never forget. Walk with a Viking, eat your way around Reykjavik, or trolls, and Santas (yes, we have more than one Santa!). The delightful surprises never end when you travel with Your Friend in Reykjavik. Book your private tour with us today!

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