Ordering Icelandic Hot dogs

Ordering the Icelandic Hot Dog to your home

The Icelandic Hot Dog plays a significant role in Icelandic gastronomy along with the fancy arctic delicatessen and seafood. For this reason, I understand why you fell in love with the Icelandic Hot dogs after trying them for the first time. When I was a kid, I did, and I still dream about them. The rich and sweet flavour they have, the fried onion crispiness, and the delicious Icelandic Hot Dog sauces make them the perfect bite for any moment.

Do you miss the Icelandic hot dogs?

Some people have sent me messages that they miss the Icelandic Hot Dogs. Well, here is a way to get them simply sent to your home if the craving gets crazy.

Order an Icelandic Hot Dog and the Icelandic Hot Dog Condiments

Nammi.is is one of the best websites to get all you need to prepare the Icelandic Hot Dog. In 2001 they decided to satisfy people’s Icelandic cravings worldwide. Icelandic Hot Dogs and condiments are available for you no matter where you are.

Before ordering, check the estimated shipping cost after adding items to your cart by pressing “Shipping Estimator”. Remember that you need to select Express DHL service in the checkout when ordering.

Now you’re just a few clicks away from getting the Icelandic Hot Dog sent right to your doorstep!

What to order

  • Icelandic Hot Dog (500gr) – Pylsupakki
  • Icelandic Hot Dog Buns (x5) – Pylsubrauð
  • Icelandic Hot Dog Mustard (350 gr) – Sinnep
  • Icelandic Mayonnaise with Relish (Remoulade) (200 gr) – Remúlaði
  • Islandic Hot Dog Ketchup (438 ml) – Vals Tómatssósa
  • Dry Fried Onions (100 gr) – Steiktur Laukur
  • To finish the Icelandic Hot Dog condiments list, get a regular onion from the grocery store to make this a proper “Ein með öllu” or “One With Everything” hot dog.

Icelandic Hot Dog Recipe

Now that you have all the ingredients, here are a few tips on preparing the “One with Everything”.

  1. Put a little bit of beer into the water when you boil the hot dogs as Bæjarins Bestu Pylsur does. They have the town’s best hot dogs. When the hot dogs float to the surface, they are ready.
  2. Warm up the buns. I put them in the Microwave for 20 seconds. But you can also put them on top of the boiling pot for a little while.
  3. Cut the raw onion into small pieces. About half of the onion should really do.
  4. Now, you only need to put together all the ingredients in how we do it in Iceland. The fried onions, raw onions, ketchup, and remoulade go on the bottom of the bun, the hot dog, and the mustard on top. Icelanders are divided on where to put the remoulade, though. According to one poll, 42% of those who answered want it underneath the hot dog. While another 42% want it on top!

Bon Appetit or gjörðu svo vel!

Best Icelandic Hot Dog in Reykjavik?

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog stand (which translates to best hot dogs in town) is one of our special stops on our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour.

If you want to discover this fantastic Icelandic Hot Dog stand, book our Reykjavik Food Tour. You won’t be disappointed by our local cuisine.

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