All About Iceland

How to Behave in Iceland

How to Behave in Iceland - it's pretty simple, just be respectful of nature. Each country has their own customs and etiquette, which are good to know when...
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Open Toilets in the Centre of Reykjavik

Since the settlement in the 8th century, Icelanders haven’t really gotten that many foreign visitors. In fact, it wasn’t until 2010, with the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, that many...
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Visit Reykjavik Videy Island

See Everything Iceland on Viðey Island

Just a ferry ride away from Reykjavik is an amazing side trip you should add to your Iceland visit itinerary! Viðey Island! In less than one square mile,...
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Visit Iceland in March

If you’re visiting Iceland in March, you will catch the tail-end of winter. But the days will be getting longer, and there’s still a chance to see the...
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The First Day of Summer and Harpa

Winter is finally over, and summer is about to begin! The First Day of Summer is always on a Thursday between 19 and 25 April. Despite being called...
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Icelandic white cat

The Cats of Iceland

When you visit Iceland, you don’t have to be a cat person to appreciate the fondness many of us have for our feline friends. From our ancient folklore...
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What are the best guided tours out of Reykjavik?

We, of course, want you to join us for at least one walking tour of Reykjavik when you visit us. But, we totally understand you want to explore...
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Iceland in April

Visit Iceland in April

April is one of the least busy months in Iceland. The winter season is mostly over, and the summer season hasn’t started. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t...
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What are the Best Hot Springs in Iceland?

Do you want to make the most of Iceland’s incredible collection of hot springs on your trip to the Land of Fire and Ice? These amazing geothermal features...
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