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Look No Further: Icelandic Salted Fish Recipes!

Imagine a world where bread stands aside, making way for the robust flavours of salted fish. That’s right – we’re talking about Iceland, a place where the gusty...
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Icelandic Cinnamon Buns – Súkkulaðisnúðar

Icelandic Cinnamon Buns – two recipes!

Learn to make Icelandic Cinnamon buns - súkkulaðisnúðar! They are very popular in Nordic countries but, of course, the Icelandic version is better!
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The waver thin Icelandic Pancakes

Icelandic Pancakes recipe

Hilda’s family recipe for Icelandic Pancakes My Amma (grandma) had 16 grandchildren, and I do not even know how many great-grandchildren. When I had children, and they had...
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Delicious Fishball coming out of the oven

Fiskibollur – Fishballs a family recipe

Fiskibollur or fishballs are one of the quintessential dishes you will have at the Icelandic dinner table. They are straightforward to make – and even if you don’t...
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Salted Fish in Iceland: A Historical Overview

From the brisk sea winds to the warm embrace of geothermal heat, Iceland has mastered the ancient art of preserving fish. Ever since the early settlers arrived, drying...
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Ice Cream in Iceland: A Love Story

Ice cream, a beloved frozen treat enjoyed by people worldwide, has a fascinating history that stretches back thousands of years. The earliest traces of ice cream can be...
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Óli is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a walking tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting to know them a...
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Discover the Best Bars in Reykjavik

Where are the Best Bars in Reykjavik? When it comes to the vibrant city of Reykjavik, it’s not just the stunning landscapes and fascinating culture that steal the...
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