Katla’s Dream

Katla’s Dream is a typical and fun elf-tale. It is written from a very old narrative poem in the meter style used in Eddaic poetry. It is believed...
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The Tales of Búkolla

As we have already told you in the post about the Shepherd of Silfrúnarstaðir, trolls are popular in legends and fairy tales. They are usually described as very...
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Sæmundur The Learned and the Devil

Sæmundur fróði, or “the learned,” was an Icelandic scholar and priest who lived between 1056 and 1133. It is known he studied abroad, possibly in Franconia (in Germany),...
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The Genesis of the Hidden People

You might have heard that everyone in Iceland believes in elves and the hidden people. It is not quite true, but many stay agnostic regarding their existence. It...
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The Deacon of Myrká

Icelandic ghost story The Deacon of Myrká is one of the country’s most famous stories. First published in Jón Árnason’s Folktales and Legends in the 19th century. The...
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The Icelandic Christmas cat eats the children who don't get new clothes during Christmas

Christmas in Iceland with 13 Santas and a Christmas Cat!

He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. In the case of Iceland, there is not one but 13 Santas who...
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