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Arctic Coast Way in North Iceland

The Arctic Coast Way opened on World Ocean Day, June 8, 2019. The road is 900 kilometers of coastal roads close to the Arctic Circle...
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Naval Battles Around Iceland During WWII

There were a few naval battles around Iceland during WWII, with a few Icelandic fishing vessels sunk by German submarines. Iceland’s strategic location also allowed...
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Ester – Your Friend in Reykjavik!

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a walking tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting...
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The Icelandic Language – What Makes it Special?

The Icelandic language is a fascinating and unique language spoken by around 330,000 people, primarily in Iceland. With roots in Old Norse, Icelandic has managed...
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Gluten-Free Options in Reykjavik

Despite Iceland’s small population, we offer a wide variety of foods, and most people will find something to suit their diet. There are quite a...
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Iceland in World War II – How it Began

On May 10, 1940, the quiet island of Iceland was abruptly thrust into the global conflict of World War II. Operation Fork, a code name...
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Breaded Lamb Chops – Yummy!

Imagine it, your mom calls you to dinner. You smell melted butter, maybe some vegetables, potatoes and, best of all, lamb chops. Not just any...
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Reykjavik Art Walking Tour

Who is Your Friend in Reykjavik?

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting to...
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The Best Fast-Food Places in Reykjavik

What are the Best Fast-Food Places in Reykjavik? You might have heard that we do not have a McDonald’s in Iceland, or a Burger King,...
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Nailed it Fish And Chips. Photo: Nailed it Fish and Chips

The Best Restaurants Outside Reykjavik

We have given you a few pointers regarding the best restaurants in Reykjavik. Best restaurants in Reykjavik, steak restaurants, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, seafood restaurants,...
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Winter Sports in Iceland

Iceland has a unique and varied landscape, offering visitors a range of winter sports and activities. Some popular winter sports in Iceland include skiing, snowboarding,...
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ICE-SAR – The Icelandic Search and Rescue

ICE-SAR (Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue) is a voluntary organization in Iceland that provides search and rescue services throughout the country. It was founded...
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