Stefán Örn – Your Friend in Reykjavik

Get to know Your Friend in Reykjavik! When you join us for a walking tour, you will meet your special friend in Reykjavik, but getting to know them a little bit beforehand could be fun.

Stefán Örn was born and raised in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, but as a child, he was sent to farms to learn how to breed and ride horses, take care of pigs and milk cows with his bare hands.

He‘s a musician, radio host, actor and director and is very proud of his heritage and culture.

Stefán Örn or Stebbi is Your Friend in Reykjavik

Let’s Ask Your Friend in Reykjavik a Few Questions!

If you could choose only one thing from Iceland, what would it be? Ópal.

Ópal is one of the licorice candies of Iceland. We have told you before about the special relationship Icelanders have with candy, something many foreigners cannot fathom. Check out the blog here.

Would you change anything about Iceland if you could? Politics! It’s ridiculous that this small country has 10 political parties!

What is your favorite place in Iceland? Norðfjörður.

The name means North Fjord but is actually in the East Fjords. The name comes from it being the northernmost fjord in that area. It is 4 kilometers long, 2 kilometers wide and the home of Neskaupsstaður.

If you drive to the end of Neskaupsstaður, you cannot physically drive further away from Reykjavik!

What is your favorite traditional food? Icelandic Meat Soup – of course!

But what is your favorite national drink?


Brennivín is Iceland’s aquavit, brewed from fermented potatoes, not dissimilar to vodka and flavored with caraway. The drink is sometimes called “Black Death” and is known by the black and white sticker on the bottle. The logo was chosen as it was believed to make the drink less appealing – that didn’t work. For the longest time, it wasn’t considered a very good drink both because of its high alcohol percentage (which is 37,5%) and also because it was the cheapest strong liquor you could find in the liquor store.

Today, many do love it and especially when ice cold – and it is a must when eating fermented shark!

What is the best thing about Reykjavik? Everything is the best!

But what is best about Iceland? Literally everything!

What is your favorite Icelandic music?  Holdris and Sororicide

What is your favorite clothing brand? Hand-knitted clothes made from Lopi.

What is your favorite restaurant? The Steak House.

This restaurant is on our list of the Best Steak Restaurants Reykjavik has to offer.

What Icelandic food is most often eaten at home? Smoked sausage and white sauce

What is your favorite candy? Ópal

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