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Sólfarið - The Sun Voyager

Sólfarið – The Sun Voyager

Hi there!  I’m Valur, Your Friend In Reykjavik. Today I want to talk to you about the history behind Sólfarið or The Sun Voyager.  Artist...
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Brennivin – The Black Death of Iceland

What is Brennivin – The Black Death? Brennivin, better known as “Black Death”, is the Icelandic’s distinctive spirit. It was created from the “aquavits” introduced...
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Hallgrímskirkja: A tribute to all that is Iceland

At over 70m high, you can see the majestic Hallgrímskirkja from almost anywhere in Reykjavik and a little beyond. Dedicated to our most influential poet...
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Ordering Icelandic Hot dogs

Ordering the Icelandic Hot Dog to your home The Icelandic Hot Dog plays a significant role in Icelandic gastronomy along with the fancy arctic delicatessen and seafood....
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The waver thin Icelandic Pancakes

Icelandic Pancakes recipe

Hilda’s family recipe for Icelandic Pancakes My Amma (grandma) had 16 grandchildren, and I do not even know how many great-grandchildren. When I had children,...
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Parmesan breaded fish

Parmesan breaded fish

Haddock or Cod in Parmesan bread This is a perfect dish for weekdays in Iceland. You can use any whitefish to make it, but our...
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Cheers from the Reykjavik Beer Tour

Visit Reykjavik for the Unique Þorri Midwinter Feast!

You may think January is the first month of the year, but if you visit Reykjavik now, you will see we also recognize that this...
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Visit Iceland in July

Are you planning a trip to Iceland in the summer? July, in particular, is a lovely time for a holiday on our little island.  You’ll...
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The Almond Porridge – Christmas food in Iceland

One of the traditional Christmas foods of Iceland is the so-called Almond Porridge. It is a simple rice porridge, but we put one almond in...
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Midight Sun Iceland

Iceland in Summer: Land of the Midnight Sun

At Your Friend in Reykjavik, we firmly believe that it’s always a good time of year to visit Iceland! And while you may hear a...
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Visit Iceland in June

Are you planning to visit Iceland in June? This month has the first official days of summer, with warmer temperatures and wonderfully long daylight hours. ...
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visit iceland in January

Visit Iceland in January

To visit Iceland in January is to enjoy wintry weather without it being too cold but with the possibility of blankets of snow. There are...
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