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Visit Iceland in October

Visit Iceland in October

October is one of the least busy months in Iceland. The summer rush is over, and the festivities of early winter are yet to set...
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Northern lights in Iceland

See the Northern Lights in Iceland!

Most travellers look forward to seeing the wondrous Northern Lights in Iceland. Science calls them the Aurora Borealis when the sky glows with greens, blues,...
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Iceland in September A perfect private walking tour

Visit Iceland in September

Are you planning to travel to Iceland in September? Your Friend in Reykjavik is excited to welcome you to the Land of Fire and Ice! ...
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The Icelandic Christmas cat eats the children who don't get new clothes during Christmas

Christmas in Iceland with 13 Santas and a Christmas Cat!

He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice. Santa Claus is coming to town. In the case of Iceland, there is not one but...
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A fun group on our Reykjavik food tour visiting Iceland in August

Visit Iceland in August

Are you focusing on August for your summer trip to Iceland? Excellent choice! As covered in our previous guides Visit Iceland in June and Visit...
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Icelandic Sheep – Our Four-Legged Vikings

The Vikings brought sheep to Iceland over a thousand years ago. The Vikings didn’t wear horns, but some of these four-legged Vikings did! And they...
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A fun family on a private Reykjavik Walking Tour

Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You

Private tours in Reykjavik, Iceland, are ideal for discovering the magical Bay of Smoke. Today, the steaming hot springs that gave this port city its...
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Traditional food in Iceland - Plokkfiskur

Traditional food in Iceland – Plokkfiskur

I remember it fondly that Plokkfiskur, or Fish stew was one of the things I frequently had when growing up. Of course, being raised in...
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The Icelandic Lopapeysa sweater

The unique Lopapeysa sweater and the Icelandic sheep wool Words by Ester, one of the expert local guides of Your Friend in Reykjavik The Icelandic sheep The...
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The legendary work of J.R.R. Tolkien

Norse mythology and Icelandic folktales inspired Tolkien

Have you read or seen The Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit? Then you want to hear about Norse mythology and Icelandic folktales Words...
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Shopping in Iceland – Icelandic clothes design

From outdoor wear to haute couture Words by Ester, one of the expert local guides of Your Friend In Reykjavik about Icelandic clothes design. I...
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Coffee is sacred in Iceland

Best Coffee Shops in Reykjavik

We LOVE coffee Searching for the best coffee shops in Reykjavik can be a daunting task because there are quite a few. Icelanders love their...
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