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Due to the unique geological location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, on the border between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, Iceland is characterized by high volcanic activity

Iceland has approximately 130 active and inactive volcanoes, and their various unusual forms are fantastic attractions. 

The last eruption of the Fagrdalsfjall volcano in 2021 was an incredible experience for the island’s inhabitants and visiting tourists. You can no longer see the eruption, but the fresh lava fields and the crater make a great impression and attract people. Check out the volcano hike tours and know the strength of the volcano! 

Besides that, you can book a tour to explore the Lava Tunnel, take a lift Inside the Volcano, visit great exhibitions and feel the temperature of the lava. 

Iceland is known as the land of ice and fire, and volcanic activity is responsible for the island’s “hot” side. Check our volcano tours below! 

Check our blog, How to Enjoy Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland Safely, if you plan to hike to Fagradalsfjall volcano. 

Lava Centre Family Ticket

Lava Centre Volcano Family

The Lava Centre in Hvolsvöllur is only about a 90-minute drive away from Reykjavik. It is a great way for families to spend time together and with the […]
Transfer included

The Standard Lava Tunnel tour with Transfer from Reykjavik

The standard lava tunnel tour allows you to explore the tunnel in an easy and enjoyable manner. This tour includes transfer to and from the cave.
Volcano Guided Hike

Volcano Guided Hike Tour

Join us on this magnificent Volcano Guided Hike Tour to Iceland's recently active volcano at Fagradalsfjall. It is simply a unique experience to see the crater and the […]
The Icelandic Lava Show

Icelandic Lava Show

ICELANDIC LAVA SHOW is the only place in the world where you can safely experience hot molten lava in close proximity! The show is both educational and exhilarating!
Lava Centre Exhibition and Cinema

Lava Centre Volcano Exhibition and Cinema

The Lava Centre Volcano Exhibition is an interactive, high-tech educational exhibition depicting volcanic activity, earthquakes, and Iceland's creation over millions of years.
Standard Lava Tunnel Tour

The Standard Lava Tunnel Tour

Exploring the 5200-year-old Raufarhólshellir Lava Tunnel is an experience like no other.
Private hike to Geldingadalur Volcano

Private Hike to Geldingardalur Volcano

Join us on this magnificent private hike to Geldingadalur and Fagradalsfjall. The Volcano Guided Hike Tour in Iceland is simply a unique experience to see the volcano at […]
The Lava Falls Adventure Tour

The Lava Falls Adventure Tour

The Lava Falls Adventure Tour takes you off the beaten path and into the depths of The Lava Tunnel to explore the source of the cave, the magnificent […]
Volcanic Wonders of Reykjanes Geopark

Volcanic Wonders of Reykjanes Geopark

This first eruption in the Reykjanes Peninsula in about 800 years provides a unique opportunity to study the geologic mysteries of the region. After being shaken by months of increasingly […]
The Westman Islands off Iceland's south coast is home to the world's largest Atlantic puffin colony.
The Volcanic Westman Islands Tour

The Volcanic Westman Islands Tour

The Westman Islands is a unique place to explore the area after the volcano eruption and observe the world's largest puffin colony.
Volcanic eruption in Iceland at night
Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Active Volcano Afternoon & Evening Tour

Hike to the active Fagradalsfjall volcano in the afternoon or at night. It's a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience!
Active volcano and the Blue Lagoon
Fagradalsfjall Volcano & Blue Lagoon

Private Reykjanes Volcanic Area Tour

Decide about the details of your private tour; hike to the active volcano, explore the Reykjanes Peninsula and relax in the Blue Lagoon SPA. 
Active volcano and Kleifarvatn lake in Iceland
Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Active Volcano & Reykjanes Geothermal Tour

Hike to see the active volcano in Iceland and visit the highlights of the Reykjanes Peninsula! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Active volcano and the Blue Lagoon
Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Active Volcano & Blue Lagoon Admission Tour

Hike to the active Fagradalsfjall volcano to see the impressive eruption, and then end your day at the one and only Blue Lagoon SPA.
Views from the helicopter tour in Iceland
Active Volcano & Geothermal Area

Active Volcano & Geothermal Landing – Helicopter tour from Reykjavik

Fly over the active volcano, explore the largest geothermal zone in Iceland by air and foot, and admire Reykjavik from the other perspective.
Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland from helicopter
Active Volcano

Active Volcano – Helicopter Tour from Reykjavik

A helicopter flight is the only option to avoid 4 hours hike if you want to see the active volcano. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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