Certified Tour Guide

Hanna Kristín

Hanna - Viking - Guide

Hanna Kristín is a certified guide from MK

She was born in the north of Iceland in Akureyri, the capital of the north, but has been living in Reykjavík since she was about 20 year old.

Hanna studied business in High school, and she is a member of the recuse team in Reykjavík, Flugbjörgunarsveitin. Hanna is outdoor person and likes cycling, running, walking, hiking, skiing and she has a kayak and loves to go fishing on the boat.
Hanna has been working as a hiking-guide in the highlands of Iceland, that´s her specialties, and she has also been driving and cooking for some groups, she has a advanced driving licenses as well. Hanna has one daughter 18y old and a fluffy black cat named Karitas Rut.
Hanna loves to walk and talk about food so she has been focusing on our Food Lovers Tour.

Hanna is Your Friend In Reykjavik

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