Certified Tour Guide

Ester Helgadottir


Ester is certified tour guide both in Iceland and in Luxembourg.

She is a member of the Icelandic Touristguide Association.

Born in Hafnarfjörður and raised up in Reykjavík, in an aviation family. The aviation business has always been a big part in her live and she has worked in that field both in Iceland and in Luxembourg. Young she went to France to study French language and literature. After that diploma she studied further, and holds a Master in Physical Geography.

She lived, studied and worked for 17 years is France and then in Luxembourg. Ever since she went to France for her studies, she has come to Iceland during vacations to guide people all around the country. Now she is most of her time in Iceland and still guiding. Her interests are multicultural environment, travel, meeting people, history, culture and art…

Ester is your friend in Reykjavík.

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