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Asthor Beer Guide

Meet Ástþór (or just Astor, if the spelling scares you), your food and beer guide.

Ástþór has five years’ experience when it comes to tour guiding in various forms. Having been trained as an actor, Astor knows a thing or two about keeping his audience engaged and entertained.

He’s eaten a lot of food (most of it Icelandic) and drunk A LOT of beer (it’s a bit touch and go in that area, but in the last few years, yes, at least 80% Icelandic beer). A perpetual night owl and suffering from a near-terminal case of Peter Pan syndrome, Ástþór knows more than most would care to admit about Reykjavik’s night life and will be happy to give you pointers on where to go for a good night out.

Astor is Your Friend in Reykjavik.

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