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Welcome to our Iceland travel guides, your go-to source for unlocking the secrets of the Land of Fire and Ice.

From the history and culture of Reykjavik to the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Golden Circle and beyond, these guides provide insider insights to help you plan an unforgettable adventure.

Embark on a virtual journey and discover the must-visit destinations, hidden gems, and thrilling experiences that await you in the place we call home.

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Learn our insider tips and tricks for the best experience in Iceland
Iceland is on the bucket list for many, and there are many things people want to see. It can be challenging to find what to do to get...
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May is a real spring month in Iceland and can even feel a bit like summer. It is the brightest month of the year with the least precipitation,...
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Iceland in April
April is one of the least busy months in Iceland. The winter season is mostly over, and the summer season hasn’t started. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t...
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Do you want to make the most of Iceland’s incredible collection of hot springs on your trip to the Land of Fire and Ice? These amazing geothermal features...
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Northern Lights over the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
The best month to visit Iceland won’t be the same for every type of traveler. For those of you seeking the Northern Lights, you’ll want to ensure the...
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Iceland greenery and lake
There are two popular weather sayings in Iceland: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, and it’ll have changed to something else There’s no such thing...
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Skólavörðustígur, Reykjavík, parking spots
All of our tours start at Ingólfstorg Square in downtown Reykjavík, and some of you might come driving – so where do you park? There’s one thing to...
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The reds of Kerid Crater in Iceland can be seen on a bright sunny day
Looking for the best trips to take from Reykjavik? We rounded up some of our favorites in this blog. Find out where the Viking Þrasi Þórólfsson buried his...
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Tjörnin in Reykjavik, looking of Reykjavik Pond
Reykjavik City Card gives you access to most of Reykjavik's museums, all Reykjavik's thermal pools, bus system, the Reykjavik zoo and more!
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Visit Iceland for our beautiful natural landscapes, but don’t forget about our lively art scene! Reykjavik, especially, has museums and galleries filled with fantastic pieces of creativity. So...
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Storm, Reykjavík, Bad weather
A wise person once said: There is no such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed people. Despite those wise words, the weather can sometimes be so bad...
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Tjörnin is a Highlight of Every Visit to Reykjavik
Reykjavik does sit along Iceland’s shores, so we have wide stretches of coastline to enjoy.
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The holidays are always a special time of year, but no place makes the season brighter than Iceland. Even though Winter days are long and dark, the abundance...
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Visit Reykjavik
For a little island, Iceland has a lot of personality. Anyone who visits Reykjavik will definitely experience our distinctive character. From our elvish passion to a toilet for...
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Whale watching visit to Iceland
Have you always dreamed of seeing a huge whale soar out of the ocean? We’ve seen our fair share of whale breaches over the years, and they never...
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Visit Iceland in February
The days are short, and the nights are long, which makes a fun reason to visit Iceland in February! It can get a little cold, which you can...
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Iceland is LGBTQAI+ friendly. This blog tells you everything you need to know when visiting Iceland as an LGBTQAI+ person.
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Are you planning a trip to Iceland in the summer? July, in particular, is a lovely time for a holiday on our little island.  You’ll find music festivals,...
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Midight Sun Iceland
At Your Friend in Reykjavik, we firmly believe that it’s always a good time of year to visit Iceland! And while you may hear a lot about catching...
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Are you planning to visit Iceland in June? This month has the first official days of summer, with warmer temperatures and wonderfully long daylight hours.  Aside from excellent...
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visit iceland in January
To visit Iceland in January is to enjoy wintry weather without it being too cold but with the possibility of blankets of snow. There are fewer crowds but...
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Iceland on a budget
Next to the natural beauty and wonderful locals, the next thing many people mention about Iceland is the cost. Because we’re on an island in a relatively remote...
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hot springs in Iceland
You’ll probably find Blue Lagoon recommended as a “must go” as you plan your Iceland trip itinerary. Gorgeous blue waters, mineral-rich water and mud, and serene natural beauty...
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The beautiful Sun Voyager or Sólfarið by the Reykjavik harbor
It is hard to say one month is better than another for visiting Iceland, but December is exceptional. We have the Northern Lights, ideal wintry landscapes, and 13...
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