Escape Room – The Scientist

Escape Room - The Scientist
Escape Room - The Scientist
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  • Duration60 minutes
  • Group Size2-12 people
  • Meeting LocationBorgartún 6, 105 Reykjavik or custom pick up

Tour description

Escape Room – The Scientist

Cure humanity of cancer!

Room overview

Rumour has it that the world-renowned scientist Dr Cisco, who has dedicated his life’s work to finding a cure for cancer, has perfected a formula using a rare form of mushroom.

You are a team of employees of a pharmaceutical company that has given you orders to break into the Scientist‘s office and steal his fantastic discovery.

Breaking into the scientist’s office, you trigger a silent alarm system that not only alerts the police but also locks the doors trapping you inside. With only 60 minutes to spare, your team is in serious trouble, and a frantic search for the formula and a way out begins.

Can you find the formula and escape the scientist‘s office?

You break-in at the only time you‘re sure no one is in the building, at 11 on Sunday morning when the Godfather has the whole family with him in church. When you enter the building, the door locks behind you, and you only have 60 minutes to find the painting and escape before the family comes back!

Good to know

  • Difficulty 4/5
  • Team work 4/5
  • Locks 4/5
  • Physical challenges 1/5
  • Attention to detail 5/5

Why Your Friend in Reykjavik Recommends This Tour

The lives of many are at stake here! An escape with a world-saving motive, very fun!

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