Reykjavik History 1801

A drawing of Reykjavik from 1801

This picture is a drawing of Reykjavik #iceland dating back from 1801 👍😊.

Marked on the image are some buildings that are still standing today.

The Cathedral Church and the prison built in 1770 and now appropriately houses the office of the Prime minister of Iceland 😜.

The oldest building in the city center, dating back from 1762, still stands at Aðalstræti 10.

Lækjargata or Creek street

The Creek marked on the picture was finally put in a tunnel, and they built a road on top of it called, Lækjargata or Creek Street 😉. 

There is still water flow from the sea and to the Reykjavik pond or lake through the tunnel. 

The anniversary of Reykjavik

We celebrate the Anniversary of Reykjavik since 1786 because that’s when the Danish King gave it Merchant town rights (Iceland was a Danish colony at the time). 

Reykjavik celebrated its 236th Anniversary on the 18th of August 🎂. 

Your Friend In Reykjavik recommends a visit to Reykjavik the first weekend after the 18th of August (or on the 18th if it’s a Saturday) as there are festivities all over Reykjavik. 

This event is called Reykjavik Culture Night 🌃😊. 
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