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Most important Architects in Iceland

Who are the most important architects in Iceland? It, of course, depends on how you look at it. But if you look at it purely from an aesthetic...
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Whale watching visit to Iceland

What are the Most Exciting Things to Do in Iceland?

Are you coming to Iceland for an action-packed adventure? Whether you’re staying in Reykjavik and the southwest of the country or heading out on the ring road for...
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What are the best guided tours out of Reykjavik?

We, of course, want you to join us for at least one walking tour of Reykjavik when you visit us. But, we totally understand you want to explore...
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Storm, Reykjavík, Bad weather

What to do in bad weather in Reykjavík

A wise person once said: There is no such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed people. Despite those wise words, the weather can sometimes be so bad...
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visit iceland in January

Visit Iceland in January

To visit Iceland in January is to enjoy wintry weather without it being too cold but with the possibility of blankets of snow. There are fewer crowds but...
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Rick Steves in Iceland

Visiting Your Friend In Reykjavik Before the world was turned upside down due to covid, Rick Steves was in Iceland. He’s a very interesting world traveller who joined...
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