Tips on the Blue Lagoon

Most people traveling to Iceland visit the Blue Lagoon, and no wonder, it is a pretty unique place. The lagoon has a unique composition and consists of three active ingredients, Silica, Algae, and Minerals, all supposedly good for you, particularly your skin. The Blue Lagoon is surrounded by dark sandy mountains and fields of lava which creates a beautiful contradiction to the blue bright color of the lagoon.
  1. The Blue Lagoon is only 20 minutes from Keflavik Airport. If you are arriving in the daytime it’s perfect to visit before heading to Reykjavik. You can store all your luggage there for 4€.
  2. It can get pretty busy so make sure you book tickets in advance. It would be a real disappointment to show up and not get in.
  3. The Blue Lagoon affects your hair. Depending on your hair type and how sensitive you are about it, you might want to use a shower cap or just keep your head and hair out of the water. The Silica in the water is not harmful to your hair but it can get stiff and difficult to manage. There is conditioning in the showers to help but it might take a few washes though.
  4. The rules are clear, you have to wash without your bathing suit before entering the lagoon. The same thing applies to all swimming pools in Iceland. We, locals, get really upset when tourists don’t follow these rules so please – don’t be a dirty tourist!
  5. You can rent a towel and a bathing suit in case you don‘t have your own for 5€ each. You can also rent a bathrobe for 10€ and slippers for the same price.
  6. If you are traveling with children, make notice that children under the age of two are not allowed in the lagoon. For children the age of 2-13 entrance is free and teenagers (14-15 years old) do not pay full price.
  7. Make sure you don‘t wear any jewelry when going in. You will have to polish them up afterward and if you lose it, it’s highly unlikely that you will find it again. The water is thick and you can barely find your own feet.
  8. There is no public transport to get to the Blue Lagoon but various companies offer to pick up including entry fees, guided tours which include the Blue Lagoon, or just a return ticket.
  9. Finally, take a deep breath, cover yourself in Silica, and relax. That‘s what the Blue Lagoon is for!
On a different note, here‘s a fun fact for you. The Blue Lagoon is actually not blue, its white. If you pour the water in a cup you will see its real color, but because of the daylight, the lagoon appears blue.
Now you go enjoy yourself and hopefully, we will see you in the city.
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