Visit Reykjavik

Quirky and Weird Reykjavik

For a little island, Iceland has a lot of personality. Anyone who visits Reykjavik will definitely experience our distinctive character. From our elvish passion to a toilet for...
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Whale watching visit to Iceland

Whale Watching in Iceland

Whale watching is one of the many unique experiences to enjoy on your visit to Iceland. We have a unique combination of currents and weather that attract many...
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Visiting Iceland as an LGBTQAI+ person

Iceland is LGBTQAI+ friendly. This blog tells you everything you need to know when visiting Iceland as an LGBTQAI+ person.
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Sólfarið - The Sun Voyager

Sólfarið – The Sun Voyager

Hi there!  I’m Valur, Your Friend In Reykjavik. Today I want to talk to you about the history behind Sólfarið or The Sun Voyager.  Artist Jon Gunnar Arnason...
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Brennivin – The Black Death of Iceland

What is Brennivin – The Black Death? Brennivin, better known as “Black Death”, is the Icelandic’s distinctive spirit. It was created from the “aquavits” introduced by Danish merchants...
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A fun family on a private Reykjavik Walking Tour

Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You

  Private Tours in Reykjavik, Iceland: Perfect for You Private tours in Reykjavik, Iceland, are ideal for discovering the magical Bay of Smoke. Today, the steaming hot springs...
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Traditional food in Iceland - Plokkfiskur

Traditional food in Iceland – Plokkfiskur

I remember it fondly that Plokkfiskur, or Fish stew was one of the things I frequently had when growing up. Of course, being raised in a small fishing...
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Shopping in Iceland – Icelandic clothes design

From outdoor wear to haute couture Words by Ester, one of the expert local guides of Your Friend In Reykjavik about Icelandic clothes design. I am a closet...
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Walk With a Viking at the starting point Ingólfur Square


Some things are meant to be seen on foot, so we are passionate about providing our walking tours to those visiting Reykjavik. Participating in a walking tour on...
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Or the Hidden people like we Icelanders call them It is common knowledge that Icelandic people are superstitious by nature. I was raised in a family where the...
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